HL-DT-ST GSA-4081B problem with DVD Shrink

I recently purchased an LG HL-DT-ST GSA-4081B 8x DVD burner. I have since gone through just under 75 DVD-R disks (Fuji and Sony disks) without a single disk ruined. However, all of a sudden, DVD Shrink has been failing left and right. I encode a video, then it starts to burn the disk. After an average of 20 seconds into burning the disk (at 2x) the operation fails and the disk is ruined with only the smallest visible burn line that can be seen on the data-side of the DVD-R disk.

DVD shrink uses my Nero 6 installation for burning, but if I burn just plain data files off of my hard drive onto a DVD-R disk, it works perfectly with no problems. Anytime I go to burn files created by DVD-Shrink, I get problems.

At first I wanted to blame the burner, but now I think it’s DVD-Shrink, but the program is absolutely great, I can’t see what could have gone wrong. Maybe a simple fresh install of the application might help.

Any insight?