HL-DT-ST GCE8160B cdrw drive

I needed to make sure this drive was the same as the LG GCE-8160B drive. I’ve lost use of the drive (windows recognizes it, but it won’t open) and have been trying to update the firmware to get it back but have had no luck. Thanks for any help.

well , LG is the same HL-DT-ST . dont worry both bios and windows detect my lg drives as hl-dt-st gce8481B ( for my cd writer ) . please write ur problem clearly

I was burning a cd with Easy CD Creator and it locked up after writing the tablet of contents. I couldn’t get it to close the program so I pulled up the task manager and restarted windows xp. When it came back up, I couldn’t open the drive. The device manager says the drive is working properly. I’ve tried updating the firmware and it says it’s successful, but it still won’t open. This drive is the secondary slave drive and I didn’t know if that would make a difference. Thanks for any help.

There should be a little pin hole on the front of the drive just pop a needle in there (with PC switched off) and the tray will pop out take out the disc close drive restart PC all should know be well in that area. If problem persists go into device manager and select the cd-rw drive under cd/dvd drives and right click on the drive, select uninstall, restart PC and XP should redetect your drive if problem still persists it could be a broken button on the drive. Post back and let us all know how you get one.

I had tried to uninstall the driver already and that did not work. I don’t see any pinhole on the front of the drive either. I’m about ready just to buy a new drive.