Hl-dt-st dvdrrw gwa4164b

hello people,
i have just purchased a new pc which came with a hl-dt-st dvdrrw gwa 4164b dvd/cd drive.
i am trying to find out if this device will record onto dual layer dvd media.i have tried all the normal stuff, called up the properties and tried an internet search for this drive but to no avail
does anyone know if i can burn onto dual layer dvd media?
thanx evry1 :confused:

I haven’t actually tried burning any dual layer discs but, yes the drive is supposed to be compatible.

Hi cowboy I the 4163b and it writes dual layer great so I dont think you will have any probs with your drive ,but use verbatim discs they seem to work the best for dual layer

What software are you using to burn your single layer discs successfully using the GWA4164B?


CD BurnerXP Pro3 works fine for audio, data and ISO files but doesn’t seem to burn Video TS files.

CD BurnerXP Pro3

hi ppl i need help igot the cd drive hl-dt-st dvdrrw gwa4164b and it was fine for burning cd-r disc but since i restored my computer every time i put a blank cd-r it just says please insert a disc any help plz a.s.a.p

where u ever able to burn to Double layer? I am having the same issue. I use ICOPYDVD2. Still can’t burn to DL.