I got a HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GWA-4166b That came with my HP system, and it burns everything fine DVD R’s CDR’s but i finaly picked up a DVD + R DL and it reads the disc fine and everything but when i try to burn it it will like start to burn (or so it seems) then stop. Like the light will blink for about 5 seconds, stop for about a minute then throw the CD back out.

Hello Skubbz and welcome to the forum.

What brand are these DVD+R DL discs? Do note that many writers have problems with writing to DVD+R DL discs other than those made by Verbatim. This happens most often with Ritek branded discs, usually those that are rated as 2.4x, or have no speed rating printed on them. Many companies get these same discs and have them rebranded, for the reason that they are cheap.

Thanks, Well i got memorex double layer 8.5gb 2.4x. I saw they were cheap at k-mart so i figured i would get them >_<.

i have a HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GWA-4166b dvd burner but cant get it to work im using dvd-r and dvd-rw’s with no resalts in trying to use roxio easy media 10 and it wont work please help