HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA-H30L Burner not Working!

Ok so I’ve been having trouble lately doing some things on my HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA-H30L burner. I cannot burn audio cd’s anymore. I can read and listen to storebought cd’s, I can play games from DVDs, but for whatever reason, when it comes to actually burning the CDs or DVDs, I have a problem. First I used iTunes. I had a nice playlist set up and inserted a nice brand new Maxell CD-R. The playlist was under 80 minutes and all that. I hit burn and it burned nicely until about halfway when for some reason it had to close the disc. I tried Windows Media Player. Same thing. A few songs it it shut down the disc. Then I tried Free Easy Burner and the exact same thing happened. I figured it wasn’t the CDs as I’ve tried many different types, it wasn’t the software, I’d used about every kind there is. So i figure it must be the hardware. By this time, MagicIso, MagicDisc, DaemonTools, and Xilisoft weren’t even recognizing when discs were in the drive. I went to the HP site and downloaded the firmware update for my burner. Upon trying to install, I got a (9994) message saying I didn’t meet the system requirements. THis is bull because I’m running Windows XP, have enough space and have the correct burner. I’m on an HP Media Center PC m7680n. Can someone help! I just want to burn a Valentine’s Day CD for my girlfriend!!! Any help would be great.