Hl-dt-st-dvdram Gsa-t10n

ok, i’ve done a search on here but came back with nothing.

my ex has just got a laptop with this drive in it and i was wanting to know more about this drive, like RPC-1 F/W and i think it may have lightscribe.

a google search also came back with hardly anything.

any info would be great :smiley:

The f/w my not be available yet?

thanks rolling,
it was just really info on who made it :o , has it has LS etc thats all. :smiley:

it’s this laptop here http://www.dabs.com/productview.aspx?QuickLinx=4GRP

i’ve been mucking about with it & it seems quite good for the price she’s paid for it, but it’s me just being nosey about whats it got inside it. hahaha

LG i believe.

cheers B.

It is Hitachi-LG-DataStorage, produced usually by LG.
*n indicates no Lightscribe.

thanks chef

the reason i mentioned LS, is that there looks to be LS software pre-installed on it.

as it’s not mine i think i’ll have to stop fiddling with it :iagree: