HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H10N killed by JJ11 and JL11...?!?

First of all I would like to thank everyone here for giving your knowledge (which is power :smiley: ) to other people.
I spent some serious amount of time looking for a solution to my problem here.
You would have to excuse me if I ask questions or adress problems which are allready mentioned here, but I tried my best scooping through this serious amount of info here and found nothing similar to my case.
Now to the point…

I’m from Bulgaria. I bought my LG GSA-H10N maybe 4 weeks ago. They installed from a thin plastic bag. No drivers, no box, no nothing. It was absolutely new I am sure of that.
My current configuration is the following:

Intel Celeron 1.0 GHz
256 RAM
Voodoo 3 2000 16MB (you forgot those right :smiley: )
Windows XP SP2

So today I decided to upgrade my firmware to JL11 (it was JL10 and was ok).
I did it from here: http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/FIRMWARE/LG/LG-GSA-H10N-JL11.shtml
It all went smoothly. After the reset I noticed one strange thing. The “Found New Hardware” ballon stated it had found my DVD device and then it found new CD device.
I tried playing one DVD Video and after I put the DVD in the device windows changed my DVD device icon into a CD device with now disc in it. When I eject it it was displaying my DVD device again.
PowerDVD player didn’t find the DVD disc too.
Till that time I have used InterVideo Disc Master for recording CD/DVD, and it was working fine for me. It is simple and effective.

I then installed JJ11 from here: http://tdb.rpc1.org/
It didn’t solve the problem too, but things were a little bit better. I could play DVD Video using PowerDVD. But InterVideo DiscMaster couldn’t work again. As with JL11 it just couldn’t identify my drive, as if there was none.
At that point I switched to Nero, thinking the problem was in the software. It was no good. Nero couldn’t identify correctly the disc that was in it. For example I put DVD+RW with files on it, it thinks it’s a blank DVD+RW disc with no free space on it.

At this point I think having Daemon Tools install it’s virtual drive might have something to do with this mess. Eventhough I had Daemon Tools with JL10 and everything was perfectly OK.
The other thing that might have something to do with it is that when they installed my DVD device they told me that I need some kind of cable to be able to run it. I guess that makes some kind of difference to the standart installation and might affect something.

I searched the web for a way to return to the original firmware JL10 but I found nothing.

If you read my story I guess you wonder:
“Well why did you tried to switch to JL11 when everything was running smoothly dumb ass?”
Well, I just like to keep my drivers and programs at their latest version and many times I have regreted later. This is one of them. I guess it would be a nice lesson.

If you know anything that might help, every comment would be appreciated.

check to make sure the drive hasn’t been switched to pio mode, also try unistalling everything under ata/atapi controllers and restarting pc

JL10 is not available for download. LG never releases the first version of firmware for a drive as a firmware download. So you will not bet able to get hold of JL10.

What I would suggest is doing one more flash with JJ11 (yes, over the current one) but boot into safe model first and then flash.

Hi All,

I just received my GSA-H10N DVD Multi recorder today. I installed it as Primary slave with HDD as master. I have 2 more optical drives on the Secondary side, a DVD ROM, and a Lite-on CD Burner.

When I first installed the LG recorder, it was only getting detected as DVD-RAM. I tried burning a few small video clips, but CDBurner XP Pro never detected the blank media (Teon DVD+R 8x).

However, I searched and installed firmware JL11 (the most unfortunate things probably). :frowning: Now the drive is only recognised as CD Drive. The CDBurner still doesn’t see any blank media. So far only iTunes has been able to detect a blank media in the drive and has offered me to burn data!

Is there any solution to this? I have already tried the above suggestion of flashing to JL11 in safe mode. Haven’t tried to install JJ11 yet, which I am going to do now.

Thanks for reading so far… :slight_smile:

Edit: Tried JJ11. Not making any positive difference. In stead, now I cannot access “CD Drive” at all. :a :sad:

Ok…I am double posting, because my problem seems to be solved by using Nero 7 trial version. Both CDBurner XP Pro and Windows are still acting like biatch…(forgive my language), but Nero burned a DVD which I tested in other drives and works fine.

Sorry for making such a foolish question to begin with. But I hope the solution helps others…I sure am not making a very good first impression. :wink:

Tejas, windows normally recognises DVD writers as CD drives when you put a disc into it. Probably because it uses the same set of drivers for both. However, it will work fine no matter what it says it is.

I am guessing what you did is to place a blank DVD disc into the drive and tried to browse the thing in Windows explorer. It won’t work and you will get an error message. Windows XP has the ability to burn CDs from explorer but not DVDs. This built in engine allows it to identify blank CDs correctly, but due to the fact that that burning engine doesn’t handle DVDs, Windows sees the disc as an invalid disc rather than a blank DVD. You have to use a burning program like Nero to burn DVDs. This is a common thing that confuses many a new person to DVD writers.

I’m not sure why CD Burner Pro didn’t work but looking at the list of supported drives on the website, the H10N isn’t in the list.

Thanks for the info man. Seems I will have to invest in those expensive as hell softwares, for the one and only time in my life! :rolleyes:

Maybe not. There’s a slightly more troublesome but still free method. It involves using another piece of free software called ImgBurn (http://www.imgburn.com). Until recently, Imgburn was only useful for burning ISO images. The latest versions allow you to add files to a compilation and burn that as a data disc but the interface for that is still a little clunky (the trick is to open a windows explorer window and then drag and drop the files/folders you want to burn into ImgBurn’s build screen). It still doesn’t burn audio discs though.

However, what you can do is to use CDBurner XP to create an audio (or even a data disc) and then save it as an ISO. Then burn the ISO with ImgBurn. It’s a little clunky and requires more hard drive space because of the ISO you have to create, but it is still free.

I found an application called HT Fireman CD/DVD Burner. It’s free and works with LG GSA-H10N burner. However, it’s a little slower with somewhat crappy interface.

If there is a database of good, useful and tested freewares on these forums, HT Fireman is a good piece of advise. :slight_smile:

So what’s the verdict of this thread. Is it that J11 doesn’t kill anything except compatabilty with Windows inbuilt burning capabilites and so shouldn’t have any impact on people who got this drive with normal software bundle (nero and cyberlink)

I wouldn’t conclude that JJ11 or JL11 doesn’t cause problems. At least it didn’t in my case. If the OP had some issues with firmware upgrade, I am not sure…

Ok here is the scoop: I have an LG GSA-H10N which was working great until about the end of October, actually it was working pretty good until about a week ago.

Then I noticed that my Optical Drives were not detecting, I also have a Samsung SW-248F on the bus. Bus has an 80 connector cable should be UDMA 4, but shows as UDMA 2.

System is AMD Athlon 3200+ on MSI K8MMV, 1 Gig Kingston (400MHz) Ram, two identical 512 sticks. 250 GB WD SATA-II Hard Drive, I keep it defragged and scandisked.

The LG worked great up until last week - I noticed that there were no Optical devices listed, turned out I had ASAPI from somewhere. Maybe Wavelab or Pinnacle, but I can’t seem to find the ASAPI layer that is detected in IMGburn.

I can burn about half a SL DVD then it says something about “Focus Error” - The heck? Thing is I know this has to do with ASAPI: Where did I even get ASAPI? And why does it foul up everything when removed?

So, I deleted both Optical drives and let them re-detect. Now, the icons do not look right.

I am using XP x64.

I’m going to try these firmware revisions, but which one should I apply first?


Maxwell BG:

I’m from Bulgaria. I bought my LG GSA-H10N maybe 4 weeks ago. They installed from a thin plastic bag. No drivers, no box, no nothing. It was absolutely new I am sure of that.
My current configuration is the following:

Your drive shoudl have worked teats from the bag… Mine did nto even have a bag, it worked great. I am gonna ask you some things:

Intel Celeron 1.0 GHz - Celeron D? M? How many pins THAT may be the source of your problems. A 1-Gig P-III based Celeron is the last celeron ever made that was not all buggy. That what you got?

256 RAM - That shoud work fine, but you might have a memory leak, if you got WinAMP shut off WinAmp Agent.

Voodoo 3 2000 16MB (you forgot those right )- I remember, I got one, I used it for about 3 years, great card.

Windows XP SP2 - Home, PRO? Turn on DEP, Allow exceptions, add the programs you use for burning to run under a DEP exception. Dep is Right Click My Computer-> Advanced->Performance-> DEP, set it to allow exceptions, and add the progrmas you use for burning.

You may want to swap that Celeron for a P-III or a P-IV. Socket 370 or socket 478? (Is that right? 478?)

I am not going to say for certain the Celery is what’s causin yer grief… But I will say that there is a good chance that is the case. Try to find a Pentium that will fit in your socket, and try again. Celerons were never any good after the 300A anyway.

Focus error usually show up with bad discs.

I said ASAPI. Bad Disks heh? Well, this is a new batch, Memorex disks. Got em from CompUSA.

Bingo! The JL-11 Revision did the trick. Ya know, I was thinking though, you said the media causes the error I was getting? I got 50 DVD+r’s for like 15 bucks, on sale. I do not remember if they were marked 8x or not. Does Imgburn read the media and suggests max writing speed? If I were burning 8x DVD+R’s at 12x, would that cause the same focus error? I don’t have the label for the stack anymore.

What was happening, is that at 70% it gave me the focus error- Pretty much always in the same place too.

Just in case anyone is interested, here is the software I use that works best with my system. Once again, here is my system:

MSI M-Box K8MMV (MS-7142)
AMD Athlon “Newcastle” 3200+ (Not XP and not Dual Core, Socket 754)
1 Gig Kinsgton-K Valueram, 2x 512 PC3200.
Seagate ST3120026A 120 GB EIDE HD
D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G122 Wireless USB Adapter (rev.B)
Windows XP 64-Bit edition, No service packs, No security Updates (Ecxept for what has been installed by Programs)

I use this system for massive Data Transfer and some game playing. Here is what I use for these activities:

Sony DVD Architect 2.0 - Along with all the codecs for DivX, AC3, XviD, Mpeg, etc, I can convert anything to a DVD that I can watch in my DVD player- I use this to assemble video clips into playable DVD’s with Menus, nothing fancy.

NERO (Refuse Updates!) - This version finds EVERY device I have set up with it, never has not detected a device)- I use Nero to build backup DVD’s. I got this version of Nero with a DVD-Burner I bought a year ago… The Burner is no longer with us, but the program has become very useful. NOT a trial or timed version.

DVD Decrypter - Usually I use it as an alternate burner to IMGburn, but you guys can guess the “unspoken” reason I have this on my PC.

DVD Shrink English Version/NON-Imgburn Updated! (DO NOT Apply the Imgburn “Patch”- It causes %^%$#vision removal to fail, even with the versions designed to leave that function be!

DVD Region + CSS Free 5.12 -REFUSE UPDATES! - Allows you to convert to Region 1 from any other region with no loss of 1 region change on your unit.
POWER ISO 3.3 - Opens any ISO image and burns a lot of different ISO formats.

Ripit4me/FixVTS/VobBlanker to go with DVD Shrink/Decrypter- Guess why I have THAT! :stuck_out_tongue:

IMGburn - Sometimes will not burn full disk images made by DVD Shrink (Layer Split is in the wrong place)

Roxio Easy CD Creator 6.x (6.0 + The last updates ever given by Roxio for free) - I use this as an alternate to Nero. I like the interface much ore than Nero. DOES NOT detect every DVD+RW device, but does detect most CD devices.

This configuration has been working for me for over a year in about 5 different machines. I shun “new” versions of Nero/Roxio and I never ever use Nero INCD or Roxio - Roxio has a direct to disk thing that came with 6.x… I DO NOT use it, it makes a UDF image that can only be read with Roxio UDF reader. Better to use windows XP’s internal burner (it is Roxio anyway, but it just makes ISO images).

Pretty soon, with these 100 GB Blu-Ray disks, this will all be, what is the word… Obsolete? Planned obsolescence? Anyone got a Betamax? Someone sell me a betamax!

Mostly I use Nero for copying. If it is just a copy, just alcohol, which does not run under x64, I have to do thyat on another machine. I copy all of the movies I buy with DVD Shrink and then burn with IMGburn - Versions of DVD shrink without the, you know, are like men with out the, you know. eh.


You may want to try some Verbatim, Memorex can use a whole host of different manufacturers for their brand - some of which aren’t so good. :wink:

Glad JL11 worked for you, though :iagree:


( :Z :Z :Z :slight_smile: :bow: :Z :Z :Z )

What is the difference between JL11 and JJ11- Any reason why I should change the firmware now that I got it running again? I am checking again, making sure it works. This is a big “Whew” for me, cos I just bought this burner, I was using an A-Open which decided that the eject button was no longer going to function- I can;t really afford another new DVD-RW even though they ARE cheap! :confused: :\ :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

–>>Mr “Uart”

Is it that J11 doesn’t kill anything except compatibility with Windows inbuilt burning capabilities and so shouldn’t have any impact on people who got this drive with normal software bundle (Nero and Cyberlink)

Why was that being asked? - When I read that comment, I was concerned about it. I have always been able to use Windows XP Internal CD Burner. Have people been having trouble burning using the IMAPI service? Just to check this out, I just dumped some files into the Drive and I burned them with Windows IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service. No Problem, CD burning works great. IS someone trying to burn a DVD with this service? Noooo! That won’t work, you can only burn CD’s: Is there some Windows Update that extends the ability of IMAPI.exe to include DVD burning? Cos there was none last I knew of.

What else? :stuck_out_tongue: I am gonna burn another DVD at 8x and see if it gives me an error. AH: I Noticed this right away:

<img src=“http://members.cox.net/jvitas/bufferfull.jpg” width=550>

Sorry for the El-huge-o image.

The times when I had the failure at 70% of the total burn: the DEVICE BUFFER was NOT filling up. I was thinking it was just a “graphics glitch…” but I was wrong! Also this is to serve notice that things like Progress Bars and Device Buffer images actually serve a purpose… OTHER than to use up valuable RAM and Virtual Memory space.

I want to thank everyone who posted on this thread, I hope that there may be helpful info in the stuff I posted. Mostly I want to thank the original guy who posted for the links to the firmware revisions. But all the other input was pretty good too, so there. If anyone knows something about if XP is designed to support DVD-Burning using the internal burning software, I’d really like to hear about it.

I just got another successful burn, so if anyone else is having a problem, let’s hear it, what are you using, be specific about what Chip/Board/Ram/Hard Drive etc you got in your jalopy and we can probably all figure out who what when where and why. And to all Celeron users: Gotta know the limits of the chip, which is far below the limits of a Pentium. I still think Maxwell may be the victim of a “Bad Lot” - I had a Celeron 300A back in the day, clocked it up to 500 MB. Later I had a 500 MHz Celeron, couldn’t OC it. That’s why I wanna know if his Celeron is one of those socket 370 Chips… Cos those are pretty good, except that the memory will only run at 66 MHz.

Anyway: I want to address this, and I do not know if Maxwell got his problem fixed:

I tried playing one DVD Video and after I put the DVD in the device windows changed my DVD device icon into a CD device with now disc in it. When I eject it it was displaying my DVD device again.

THAT sounds like you do not have the ASAPI installed. This is exactly what happened to me last week, I put a blank disk in the drive to burn an image, and both my DVD burner and my CD burners vanished!

Read this:


Just read it very carefully and do exactly what he says, set a system restore point before you do it.

Also remember what I said about Right Click on My Computer, Properties, Advanced, Performance, [I]DATA EXECUTION PREVENTION[/I] and set it to allow exclusions and then exclude POWERDVD or whatever you are using to play the DVD.

I think you may have installed ASAPI and then uninstalled it, that also causes many problems. Usually when a DVD is not detected, it is either a Bad Burn, or a Bad Installation of XP:

Maxwell do you know how to do an “In-Place install?” That means, you install XP and you do so in a way that repairs your device problems:


If you do this, itr will delete ALL of your “Security DOWN-Dates” - And I guarantee that anyone who is using “Automatic Downdates” is gonna have a world o hurt within one week of any fresh install of XP. SHUT DEM *&^% THINGS OFF! Right click on My Computer and select MANAGE. Go down to SERVICES and SHUT OFF the micropoo “Security “Ask My Permission to PeePee” Center” - Don’t do Automatic anything with XP… Just get teh genuine advantage crud put in, then get only what you need. All of the security downdates f you up. (I am really down on automatic FUTZ-dates, can’t you tell? :stuck_out_tongue: ) They automatically FUTZ your installation of XP… (Futz Futz Futz Futz FUTZ!) (Ok I am getting crazy now… Haha!)

IF you end up doing this: Make SURE you remove Alcohol 120%, and if you have any VIA 4-in-1 Drivers installed, you may have to wither roll them back to the Microsoft versions, or uninstall them.

What will happen is there is a file named VIAAGP.SYS which is incompatible with an in-place install, will cause it to fail, the computer will keep rebooting. ROLL THAT Driver Back!

Ok I hope any this bluboobery jabberblab helps someone, if not, just ignore it. Oh yah, and thanx for being here today :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: :confused:

FUTZ! Sorry for blathering gotta go! ThanxThaxThanx for the link to the F/W!

what is this “ImgBurn patch” ?

Read the LG FAQ.

To burn the output directly from Shrink, you get the option to Burn with ImgBurn in stead of Burn with DVD Decrypter. Sorry, I don’t have a link - I never used it (you can check the Digital Video Forums under DVD Shrink).