HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163b does not work anymore




I have a :“HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163b” dual layer dvd writer for 4 months now.
Today it stopped working.
If i put in a dvd, the dvd writer will show as a cd-rom player.
I allready tried to download firmware and install it ( a102, a103, a104 ) but so far nothing works.
Does anybody have any tips or suggestions ???

I have a:
AMD Duron 1600+
512 mb sd-ram
geforce 2 mx400
Windows XP Professional



What exactly should that mean?Have you used a proper burning app?

Don’t let you fool by GUIs like explorer!


Insert a recorded DVD+R or DVD-R or empty (blank and new) DVD+R or DVD-R and then open Nero CD Speed or Nero Burning ROM.


To chef : If i click this computer with no dvd in the player it shows as :“Dvd-ram-station”
If i click this computer with a dvd in the player it shows as :“CD-rom-station”
And yes i used a proper program ( nero ), this mourning my dvd player still worked and i have not burned anything today.

To Kenshin : i put in a dvd and then started up nero burning rom, but when i try to access the dvd player on the right side off the screen it wont open.
My dvd writer shows as :“CD-rom station”


I’d suggest to try burning with different media, it will show you if the drive is damaged or not.
Another way to find out would be to test the drive in another computer…


i have the same problem , any solution


[QUOTE=gdg;1993503]i have the same problem , any solution[/QUOTE]

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What happens when you insert a disc to burn with something like Nero?

“The same problem” doesn’t really tell us much about what you’re experiencing :wink:


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