HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4120B on MAC - burn DVD?


I have a Mac G4 ‘Quicksilver’ with 350 processor and 576 RAM - running OS 10.3.3

I purchased a new HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4120B, internal - and have installed it correctly. The unit plays both DVD and CD correctly. It will record CD correctly. I can’t get it to record DVD’s.

Software is both Toast v 6 Lite and the supplied Apple Disk Utility (v 10.4)

I have tried both working from a previously recorded DVD and also from the contents of such copied on to either of the two hard drives also installed in the machine. The master disk was recorded on a stand alone table top DVD recorder (RCA), these disks play both on various stand alones and on the computer mentioned.

I have tried several brands of both DVD-R and also DVD - RW disks.

I have notes on the actual sequence that occurs. Not the same set of error messages via Toast as via Disk Utility. Long and short is that I end up with the copy process haulted and a damaged disk.

Please help - I’ve jsut about given up!


to check, if this is a software issue, it would be great if you could try that drive in a Windows machine. If it fails there, too, then your drive is faulty. Btw 4120 is rather old. There might be problems with recent 16x media, that won’t be supported by the firmware.


Feb about LG4120 burners. I am having trouble with my 4120 burning CDs which it now doesn’t seem to do. ou mentioned about possible trouble with 16x media. How can I update my firmware (now A111/MMC-3) to overcome this problem? I am running a G4 Mac with OS10.4.8. The Toast burn gets stuck on the first track and the iTunes burning gets stuck on finishing. Any help with this problem would be much appreciated. BTW I have burnt Ds before but they may have been older versions ( the ones that seemed to work were Imation CD-R 700MB/80mins). Help please!
regards, Robert :frowning:


Does CD burning fail at all or with some media?

ou mentioned about possible trouble with 16x media.
16x rated DVD media might not work. CD is something different.
How can I update my firmware (now A111/MMC-3) to overcome this problem? I am running a G4 Mac with OS10.4.8.
You need a computer running Windows in order to flash newer firmware.
But you may also try other media and see if that works. The drive is still able of reading CDs?


Further to my post on the problems of burning CDs with audio tracks, I have now found that the latest firmware for the GSA-4120B is A117 (I have A111) and have been told that by updating the burner with this, I should solve the problems with not being able to burn audio CDs. I am tryng to arrange to connect the burner to a PC in order to be able to use the .exe update file obtained from http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=1841. I have also been told to use the USB2 connection rather than the firewire connection. Will post a report once I have made progress.
regards, Robert

Robert, if you’re using that drive in an external casing, you probably won’t be able to flash it when used as an external drive. If that happens, it will be quite obvious - the flashing program will complain about not being able to find the drive. Should that happen, then you need to remove the drive from the external casing and connect it to the internal IDE connector of the PC to flash it.