HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA 4082b cant burn to dvd's

i have a gsa 4082b as well, tho its an oem version that came with my acer. i cant seemt o get it to write to dvd’s, it wont recognise dvd-r,and dvd+r it knows the disc is there, but says its incorrect format or the disc is full
i have tried nero, and nti cd/dvd maker, as well as another burner program or two, and i get the same message from all, i have firmware version 406 (i think)

I know exactly how you feel. I’ve had plenty of hardware that didn’t want to work, insulted my intelligence with cryptic error messages and then refused to work no matter what I tried. Take a deep breath and walk away from the thing for a while. Remember one thing : the blasted thing is not worth ruining your mood and possible most of your day over.

There are two things you can try before you hurl the thing into a lake (or whatever disposal method you prefer) :

[li]Try a firmware update. I’m not sure if any are available for your drive, but it is worth a try. If the drive model is exactly GSA-4082B, you may be able to use retail firmware from one of LG’s service websites :
(click on Device Driver->DVD-ROM(Writer) - you may have to go to page 2 or 3 before you can find firmware for your drive)

If the model is someting like GWA-4082B or the flashing program from LG’s service website refuses to run, first try searching through Acer’s webpage for firmware updates. Failing that, one of the following sites may have firmware for your drive :

[li]Test the drive on another computer. Try this if 1 doesn’t work or you cannot find updated firmware for your drive. The reason behind doing this is to figure out if the drive itself is bad or some sort of software/driver on your system is interfering with the drive working properly. If the drive doesn’t work on another system, it’s a goner. If it does work, some sort of software/driver on your system is interfering with your drive.
P.S. it isn’t necessary to post about the same problem in three threads. Each thread will probably get read by the same people who can help, so more than one copy is redundant. It also confuses people trying to help you as well as they don’t know which thread to follow.

well i have tried updating the firmware, tho all the sites ive been to suggest not to use their firmware for oem drives, and at this stage dont know someone with a pc that will take my drive…
where can i get the latest nero? :confused:


Why don’t you try that on your own computer? You can’t go wrong with stock firmware from LG, as the flasher will refuse to work if drive and firmware will not fit.

where can i get the latest nero? :confused:
www.nero.com where else? There is no need to get Nero 7, as there are updates for Nero 5.5 and Nero 6 available. Your 4082B is supported with Nero 5.5 and later versions.


Usually, OEM LG writers are GWA, GCA, GRA or GMA models. So that message is meant for people who have these odd OEM models who try to use retail firmware. A GWA-4082B is a different model from the retail GSA-4082B so the firmware for the two drives would probably not be compatible.

Your drive being a GSA-4082B is actually a retail model, even though it is sold together with your computer system. So you should be able to use retail firmware. If the drive model doesn’t match, the firmware update program will refuse to flash the drive anyway, so it isn’t that big a risk.

Whatever you do, do not update to Nero 7. It actually is known to have quite a few bugs and is not really better than 6.

As for finding another system, see if you can ask a friend who has the computer to test the drive on his system for you.

think this is probably 1 of the less good dvdrw i encounter … :frowning:

I have a hl-dt-st-dvdram gt10n in an acer laptop 5735-4624 . So far its a nice laptop but this dvd burner is a total POS. It makes a barely passable burn only rarely with only the best verbatim media slowed down. Any suggestions on if I can buy another burner to put in this chassis? I’m not sure how user replacable these are specially with a different unit. MAybe an LG or a samsung. I’d even accept a liteon compared to this.