HL -DT -ST DVDRAM GSA -4082B burning problem with ps2 images

:sad: i have noticed that there are plenty of others that have had problems with their 4082B 's. the main problem is the writing speed. mine has got the newest firmware (A209) and thats helped me to now have 2 writing speed options wen using alcohol and nero. 8x and 4x. i need to get the other writing speeds (1x and 2x) for burning images slowly so they will actually burn properly. i’ve tested ridisc and JVC both with max speed 8x yet they shud b able then to burn slower right? plz help

I don’t have a 4082B so I cannot help you directly. However, there are some things you can do to further investigate what is going on. First thing though, there are some things you need to know :

  1. The idea that you have to burn at really low speeds to get good burn quality is a myth. Most writers are made to burn discs at their rated speeds and generally burn at good quality at those speeds with good quality media.

The only time you may need to burn at 2x or 1x is if burning ps2/xbox disc images. However, this is not true for all of these devices. Some people have reported burning 16x discs at 16x for use with these devices and have had no problems.

  1. Ridisc does not manufacture its own media. It buys from various random disc manufacturers and rebrands. It is not particularly good quality media. If you are experiencing problems getting these discs to work with whatever device you are playing them on, try with some Verbatim/Taiyo Yuden discs instead.

Now then to get more information on what is going on, we need to find out what burn speeds A209 supports those discs at. To find out, use something like Nero CD Speed or DVD Identifier (http://dvdidentifier.cdfreaks.com, freeware) to find out the media ID of those discs.

Then get hold of MCSE (Media Code Speed Edit) from http://ala42.cdfreaks.com (also freeware). Use MCSE and load the A209 firmware. Check the media ID codes you retrieved above in the list of firmware strategies shown in MCSE. See what the supported burn speeds for these are shown as.

thanks so much. i’ll try this and get back to u

i’ve got the two programs, dvd identifier and MCSE. now i just need to figure out how to find a new strategy for RITEKG05. if, lets say i change the strategy to one that allows me to burn at 1x, 2x and 4x, (which is basically what i want) and save it, it wont actually muck up my drive as it warns me will it? please help me. i have no idea how to use these programs :sad:

Use better media than G05 and burning 8x rated dvd media at 1x or 2 is pointless and useless.

i think i’ll just buy new discs that work with all speeds on this drive. cud anyone recomment any for burning ps2 images at slow speeds?

It will not work they way you think.

Yes, dump those RITEKG05 discs. If you have a look in the media section of this forum, you will see quite a lot of complaints about those discs. Many people have reported that the discs burn fine with very good burn quality, but become unreadable just a few months later.

Get hold of some 8x Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim discs. Try burning them at 8x first. Some people have used these and did not need to burn at lower speeds to get the discs to work with their ps2/xbox devices. I am not an expert on burning stuff for ps2s/xboxes but from other people’s recommendations, this is what most say works for them.

Perhaps someone with more experience in burning ps2/xbox discs can comment?

Btw, I have changed the title of this thread slightly so that people with experience in burning ps2 images will pay more attention to it.

thanks a lot. big help