HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GMA 4082N jumpy buffer level

Hi all! I need some help with my burner.

I bought this laptop last year along with the burner. It’s been burning DVDs and CDs fine until a couple days ago. I’ve had tons burned already before this, and I used CD Checker once which took a long time before I could recover one file. It lasted around 4-5 hours.

My problem is this: Ever since I did that, I was able to burn a few DVDs. Around 10. After this, the buffer level started acting up. Before this problem, my buffer reads 95% and up, now it’s jumping around from 30, then 50, 80, then back down to 30. Burning takes up to 70-80 min to burn a DVD-R at 8x. (DVDs I use are Arita, Samsung, Sony and Phillips.)

I burn using Nero.

I’ve tried enabling the DMA (I even unistalled and rebooted), and I already defragged my harddrive twice. Still no improvement.

Any help on this?