HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH20NS15 won't burn PS2 game

i have HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH20NS15 and i backed up my ps2 game and it won’t play on my PS2 i don’t know why
I burned it on sony DVD-R on 8x speed with Nero Burning ROM and when i try to play it in my PS2 it won’t, so i played it on the emulator PCSX2 and it worked, so i don’t know why??
my PS2 lasser is good all the other game it works but this one it won’t, is it because i used sony DVD-R? should i by other media like fujifilm?
and whats the best PS2 buring software? :bow:

Your ps2 is chipped?

yes it is!:cool:

i burn the game with benq DVD+R and it works
is that problem so do i have to burn my games in DVD+R

please i need help the benq DVD+R it didn’t do that either

Then you need to create a proper backup first…

well the dvd i burn works on the PC fine and i can play the burned game in the PS2 emulator fine but when i play it in my PS2 it won’t