HL-DT-ST DVDRAM-4167B (PC freezes when CD/DVD inserted) Please Help!

Hi, I need help with my 4167B please? Problem is that it does not read CD’s or DVD’s anymore - I think I may need to update the driver? But do not know where to go for this. When I insert any CD/DVD into the drive, it freezes my PC until I eject. I’d really appreciate any help - Thanks!

it hepen also 2 me when i used Asus P4R800-VM board. sorry that i dont have any good news 4 u cuz i dont use this board anymore.

b.t.w this LG 4167 that i have works fine in other Pc (motherboard)

Hi Motronix, thanks I have a PCPartner Motherboard. Ver. No. 31-8312 - do u think this is the problem - it worked fine in the beginning. Could it have something to do with my Graphics card? (XFX version 81.89B)

I dont know much about PCPartner cuz i use only Asus boards but if u say it works fine
i guess that the problem is not the motherboard

Thanks Motronix I think i’ve found the problem. Some of the guys on CDFreaks discovered that the 4167B is manufactured with low cost capacitors - it’s actually the power supply then that causes the problem - they have deviced a way to get around this, so seems you can still use your other MB if you adjust the power supply. If you have problems again you can go to http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=166553&referrerid=333680 (these guys are really clued up!) Thanks again for helping!