Hl-dt-st Dvd+-rw Gwa4164b issues (HELP!)

I know this drive has been touched upon in other threads, but I have not found any with my specific problem. I cannot burn audio CD’s. I have no problems playing audio CD’s, nor do I have any issues burning or playing DVD’s. Its just when I try to burn an audio CD do I have issues. When I try to burn the CD, the whole program will lock up, and the disc won’t eject. I end up having to do a hard reboot just to get the drive to eject. Because of this, I haven’t the first clue if there are any log files of this.
I usually use Nero 7 Ultra Edition, version I have also tried to burn an audio CD using Windows Media Player 10, and Windows Media Center Edition Version 2002. I have tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it. I have uninstalled the drive itself and reinstalled it. I have even done a dirty reinstall of Windows. I use a Dell E510, using Dell BIOS A07, and running, as I mentioned, WinXP MCE Version 2002.
Could this be caused by a dirty laser? I am completely stumped. Any help you provide would be greatly appreciated. And if this issue HAS been covered in another thread, my apologies for missing it. Thanks again.

Use Burrrn.

Not to doubt you, or sound rude, but I think I’m at the point where a different program isn’t going to work. If the three or four that I have on my computer don’t work, what difference is another one going to make? However, I could be wrong. I’ll try it and let you know what happens.
My biggest question is whether this could be a dirty laser issue, or an issue where the laser that burns CD’s is going out. Thank you for the reply. I do appreciate it.

Start up in SAFE mode and try your luck.

I downloaded Burrn, started in SAFE mode, and tried my luck. The whole computer locked up. I had to restart to get the tray to open so I could get the CD back out. Any other suggestions? I’m all ears (or eyes, as the case may be). Thanks in advance.

I would test the burner in another computer then.

I’m not sure, but the posters above are probably like me.
The CDROM came with their computers so how can we “test the burner in another computer”?
I have similar issues with this CDROM except it will recogize some cd’s and not others. It doesn’t matter if they are bought ones or ones I’ve recorded, on most it just acts as though there is nothing there.
It worked fine at first and started this suddenly.


A knowledge and informed Forum Member is attempting to make to the troubleshooting effort as simple as possible.

Installing the suspect Drive in another Computer is a simple task and will quickly and effectively determine if the suspect Drive is in fact defective or not.

The other alternative is a lengthy process of determining if the problem is a Hardware or Software problem.

It is much simper and quicker to install the suspect Drive in another Computer and see if it is defective instead of attempting to jump through hoops in an long drawn out effort to figure out what the Hardware and/or Software problem might be.

Also it is difficulty through a Web Forum to direct a novice in effectively troubleshooting Hardware and Software deficiencies because quite frankly the novice usually provides incorrect, conflicting, and/or missing information during the troubleshooting evolution.

Now do you understand why Forum Member chef is suggesting Forum Member slycer_2000 to install his Drive in another Computer or do I need to provide other compelling reasons why Component Substation is a valid troubleshooting procedure?


Hi Ya
I have exactly the same prob for weeks now - tried all above. From whati read here and in/on other forums/sites, it would appear to be a common flaw in Dell’s burner.
Have you had any joy since your post ? (oh and if bjkg spots this, please don’t reply-you are way too experienced for us - and i’m using computers since first BBC came out…) thanks

[QUOTE=VJKKdub;2017376]Hi Ya
I have exactly the same prob for weeks now - tried all above. From whati read here and in/on other forums/sites, it would appear to be a common flaw in Dell’s burner.
Have you had any joy since your post ? (oh and if bjkg spots this, please don’t reply-you are way too experienced for us - and i’m using computers since first BBC came out…) thanks[/QUOTE]

This burner is from LG! The firmware is crippled and from Dell.

Many thanks Chef. Cheers

Hi, slycer! I’ve been trying for the last week to copy an audio CD with the same drive as yours with no luck and almost all of the same problems (same computer, too…darn that Dell!) I happened to find this thread when I did a Google search by the drive’s name. Your query was very well written and I wanted to encourage you to hang in there and keep asking questions, even when you get short little answers from people who have no patience for those of us who aren’t computer geniuses (to those of you who answer us with patience, thank you!) We find knowledge through intelligent feedback…maybe we don’t find it as quickly as some of you out there, but we deserve respect, too! In the meantime, I’m going to keep looking for solutions.

The more I read and the more I try (accidental reload of windows included) I am beginning to think that the problem is the drive is begging to give out. When it does recognize pressed disks it takes awhile, admittedly I am a long way from a full up date of windows XP, back to where I was. I don’t have a machine (that my wife would let me :wink: ) to install this drive into. I am going to pull a different make of drive that is basically the same out of my old comp and install it hear. Good luck to everyone trying, but I fear your drives are on the way out.

Afterthought: I’m running a dell dimension 2400, we ordered the drive from dell and installed it 2 1/2 years ago. Worked until last reformat (not accidental), don’t know if I lost something then. Wondering if software that came with the drive needs to be installed?? No drivers listed on the disk but???

My drive is exactly the same i.e. will read cd’s, and will read and burn dvd’s, but will NOT burn onto cd’s - it keeps asking me to put a blank disc in the drive.

I have been informed on another thread that it is almost certainly the drive laser (different lasers for cd’s and dvd’s apparently), that has burnt out.
The only solution is a new driver.

ok so i’m having an issue with the hl-dt-st dvd±rw gwa4164b drive…it won’t play either burned or audio CDs at all, no installation CD’s, like i tried to put on office 2007 from the disk, and it says there’s nothing in the drive…BUT i can play and burn dvds like there’s no tomorrow…

time for a new driver?

Hi and Welcome!

seems as if your drive needs to be replaced.
Do the final test: grab a bootable CD (Ultimat Boot CD, any Linux Live CD, Windows install CD) and see if you can boot your computer from that drive. If that fails, then a part of the optical system went bad.


yeah i never got the windows xp install cd from dell…so i guess i’m gonna have to get a new drive…thanks i appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Isn’t there a friend who can burn a copy of a Live Linux CD or “Ultimate Boot CD” for you?

from dell
Have you already tried “Dell Diagnostic”. That tool can also create a bootable USB stick (an old one with 128 MB is enough), unless it’s already installed in a hidden partition of your computer.