Hl-dt-st dvd-rw gwa-4160b, dosent play anything anymore. But it still powers up



Hi, can some one help me please?

I few days ago my DVD-RW (hl-dt-st dvd-rw gwa-4160b) was working great i could play dvd’s, burn to blank dvd’s etc. But 2day it wont do any of that.

I put a dvd in nothing happens.
I put a blank dvd’s in, an it eject’s them back out asking for me to put a blank dvd in.

Please dose anyone know what could be stoppint it work ok, as i really want to put some films to disc for the family to watch



Does it read CD?


No, it dont read anyting


It could be that the laser died, but to be sure I would install your LG in another computer…


We i just tried the drive as my only boot up option, to make sure it was not a windows/software fault.

But it still wont boot up my windows installation cd…So im guessing the drive is f**ked…

AS this is the only drive iv had could you please recommend me a new one that i could buy…I do loads of burning of dvd’s…but it would need to be cheap’ish as i dont have lots of money