HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GS30N firmware

I’m having difficulty extracting the firmware for it. Using devilclaw’s flasher, this is the output I get.

C:\Users\xxx\Desktop>flasher.exe -d 1 -m main.bin devilsclaw's LG Renesas Drive Utility
cmd_drive: Opening Drive: 1.
drive_open: Cannot open device c.
cmd_dumpmain: Starting dumping process
cmd_dumpmain: Dump process finished


Two issues are immediately visible. one is the cannot open device c. message and the other is that the firmware is 1901568 bytes in size. AFAIK proper firmware is 2048KB in size. MCSE confirms this by not even allowing me to modify it in any way even though it lists support.

So how can this be done?

This is on an alienware laptop btw. A relatively new one. I can post the extracted firmware but it probably does not differ from one that was posted here earlier.