Hl-dt-st-dvd-rw Gca-4080n

got a small question for people… have just burnt some dvd files to a blue disc at college, they worked there, verifed and everything, now have got them home put them in to above dvd drive in my notebook to contiue work on the files and its tell me that there is no disc in the drive, and there are no files present? help… i have no ideas what to do? do these drives recognis blue disc’s? my older machine recognised the sound but not the visual… any ideas?

thanks… :bow:

Maybe bad burned dvd…

Hello tonyluna1 and welcome to the forum,

You’re going to have to be a bit more specific than that. What are blue discs? Is that the colour of the top surface or is that the brand of the discs? The colour or brand tells us little about the discs. If you can run DVD Identifier (http://dvdidentifier.cdfreaks.com, freeware) on the disc and tell us the media code, that would be something to start with.

How did you burn that disc at college, with burning software like Nero or was this drag and drag with windows explorer?