HL-DT-ST-DVD+RW GCA 4040N no DVD playback pls HELP!

I run windows xp on my Dell Inspiron 8600 with the HL-DT-ST-DVD+RW GCA 4040N hardware drive.


I have k-lite codec pack and ffd show installed, now all files such as AVI, mpeg , divx, windows media video files, play perfectly on bs player and vlc and other video software

[/ul] the drive writes data (with Nero) and reads data on DVD discs perfectly,


==> The drive does not read commercial DVD’s on any DVD sofware such as Power DVD, avs DVD player, bs player, vlc and other straight forward dvd software. Only DVD player pro 4.0 gives good video quality and audio, but the motion is jaggy

I acccidently uninstalled Powerdvd 5.1 which worked playing DVDs, hence my current problem I cannot find the 5.1 verion anymore and higher versions of Power DVD which should be improved don t work

I updated the drive with firmware no result. I also set region codes of DVDs correctly but my system does not perform the basic

Can anyone pls help me out here? This is mad frustrating

many thanks in advance