Hl-dt-st Dvd-rom Gdr8163b



Hy there !!! i´m new in this forum and thank god that I found it. my problem consists in the following: my Dvd-Rom drive mecioned above reads all copyrighted material , but doues not read copyed cds I find this very annoyng because y tried alot of things but nothing worked! I’ ll appriciate all the sugiestions ! Thank you !


What kind of “copyed” CDs? Copy-protected game CD disks?


well all copyed cd’s made by me or by others, and copyed dvd’s as well i do appriciate that someone answerd I will try to cooperate as much as posible because I know that’s in my own intrests. My dvd rom does read perfectly bought dvd s and bought original cd roms whit games or whatever what
I hope you can help me out here because I don’t know who to turn to.
My drive doesn t even detect the specified type of cd s (copyed ones).


Copying protected CD discs is not simple but lots of info available so go to gamecopyworld which is a good source of info.

Copying DVD discs is also not straightforward but lots of info available so go to doom9 which is also very good.


I now understand what you mean. :slight_smile:

So your problem with GDR-8163B is that the drive cannot recognize and read the CD and DVD recordable disks that were recorded by other drives. Check what drives and media were used. GDR-8163B should be able to read any type of DVD and CD disks (except something like DVD-RAM though I’m not sure if it can read DVD-RAM or not which is not important in this thread.)


well i tryed it whith allot of media that were written whith different burners I’ll tell u a few : every kind of media written whith my Samsung cd-r/rw sw 252f videos, audio cds cd-rom´s anything it doesn´t recognize them
then there are dvd copyes written by a freind of mine but I don’t know what dvd writer he owns and other videos from other friends of mine but i don´t know what cd(dvd) writers they own. Sorry i´ll try and find out what kind of cd(dvd) writers they have but I don´t know if that will help you allot .hope it will.
What I wanted to tell you also is that i looked at the drivers my cd/dvd rom drives use and they all seem to be the same, Is that alright?


Can Samsung SW-252F read the same disks?

Run optical media identifying software to identify the media types.


yes and i also have installed a cd rom also samsung SC 152L and the Samsung drives read al disks


hey optical media identifying software yo mean like the nero utilyti?


Yes. Nero Infotool, Nero CD Speed, Smartburn (from Lite-On), K-Probe (from Lite-On), DVD Identifier, and lots of others.

Also try “Transfer Rate Test” tests with Nero CD-DVD Speed (3.61 being the latest released version) with the disks in Samsung drives. It may reveal some things. If the disks are low quality and/or poorly written, it increases the likelihood of being rejected in other drives.


hey I tryed nero s cd/dvd speed the Samsung drives both work properly but the dvd drive gives me the following error No Additional Sense Information (000000) i m downloading nero burning rom now to try out the info tool


ok the first test whas whith a dvd-movie and showed that error now i’m trying whit powerdvd original cd bought togheter whit the drive and it s working properly


For tools:



ok tryed another dvd-video. this one worked throughout the test but at very low spead. I also noticed another curious fact: I have installed Alcohol 120% and here it shows me that the dvd drives speed is 52X although the drive s speed is 16X dvd and 40 x cd max also tried speed test whith original audio cd CDDA . it also recognizes this one


How low? 2x?


Well yes 2x and below, don´t know what to do I installed last night adaptecs force aspi because nero detected that my system didn’t have aspi layer installed. This was a failure because the dvd rom now whit aspi installed didn’t recongnize anything. Killed the aspi layer and it all came back to where it was. Don’t know waht to do and I can’t trace the problem of the dvd drive so I think I’ll throw it away and buy another. A Sony or something like that because I see LG devices cause alot of problems. If you have more suggestions I would like to hear. Thanks for bottering Kenshin.


The GDR8163 is known to be slow reading most DVD’s. There are some other threads regarding this problem, though no one has such severe problems as you seem to have.

From my experience, the GDR8163 is good drive reading cd’s and a slow drive reading DVD’s , weather it is -R, +R ou DVD-Video it rarely goes over 8x (wich is crap for a 16x drive). Surprisingly once I tested it with an original PS2 DVD disc and it reached 13,2X speed. I’ve heard most DVD drives are made to be slow readind DVD-Video for some reason, I had a Samsung 616T and sold it for exacly the same reason, it was very slow in contrast to my previous and crappy Creative 12x…

Yes, the GDR8163 reads DVD-Ram


Hey the nero info tool tells me the following things: supported read features:
;C2 Errors. Read speed 52X; Firmware version OL23; Buffer size 256 kb Date ? ; Serial Number ?; DVD Features Region Control RPC II 4 changes left user and vendor; Region code 2. And that’s all now I simply do not know what to do whit it because yesterday I had a DVD ripped whit Nero Recode (AnyDVD on for removing protection) and it worked great. The only problem it has its whit the cd,dvd that don’t have copyright on them , or at least that’s what i noticed. I didn’t encounter anyone that has the same problem , although this dvd-drive is very common on internet in forums. I just seem to have bad luck. If anyone comes out whit any idea I would appreciate it even if it doesn’t work I want to try everything before throwing it away. Thank You.

P.S. Kenshin would yo explain to me why in your country internet has so great speeds and it is also affortable? I saw it on one forum and I’m dazzelled.


Cheloo, did you manage to solve your problem?

I too have a LG GDR8163b drive and it has the same problem, it perfectly reads dvd’s and original cd’s but not backup cd’s. The drive is brand new, the version of the firmwire is 0L23 (the latest version I think). It doesn’t even read the discs written with my 4163 drive, LG blanks. :slight_smile:

When I put a disc in, it tries to spin it and makes a strange sound, as if the reading head goes from one side to another;after a few seconds it stops, and when I try to acces the drive it says “Please insert a disk into drive E:”

Are there any other firmwires compatible with this drive? Maybe it’s a firmwire problem and using one from another type of drive will solve it…