HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8162B (Revision 33) - Reads but can't Write

The title says it all, I’ve had this DVD-Rom for many years now,

HL-DT-ST GDR8162B (Revision 33) (Made by LG)

Which can read DVDs fine, but I’ve never actually gotten it to write.

I’m using Nero8 and MagicISO to try to burn an image, and they’ll both
detect that it exists whenever it wants to ‘read’ something, but come time to write it refuses to detect it.

I used Nero8 Infotool and it shows positive check marks in all “Read” categorys, but that Write Modes are N/A. I was pretty positive the specs for it said it was capable of writing, and my searches indicate the same.

I started my troubleshooting by deleting the Upper/Lower Filters, and a restart, but that didnt help.

The drive started at revision 0015, and I flashed it to 0020 and checked
again, still nothing… so I flashed up to 0033, and thats where i’m at now.

the device properties indicate its description as “CD-Rom” although other areas say DVD, not sure if that is an issue.

I figured I’d try to reinstall, so I deleted the registry key for the DVD, and did an “uninstall” for the “Ide Channel” that both my CD-Rom/DVD-rom are on, then restarted.

It autodetected the Ide channel, except now it says “ATA Channel 1”
instead of “IDE channel”.

I checked my BIOS and its set to “AUTO” to detect the device, I thought maybe i could set it to say ‘DVD-ROM’ but there wasnt an option for it. When I do “auto” it brings up the HL-DT-ST dvd-rom etc. so I figure that part is right.

I have my CD-Rom setup as my primary drive, and my DVD-rom is the slave, is that an acceptable confguration?

The ‘only’ thing I can think of is that maybe my bios is not recognizing it as a cd-rom?

OS= Windows Vista Home
Motherboard= MSI 875P NEO
BIOS Ver/Date= American Megatrends V3.6 10/8/2004
SMBIOS Ver= 2.3

If anyone has any ideas to work with, please let me know… i’d be very greatful. :bow:


DVD-ROMs are not the same thing as DVDRW drives. Your drive cannot write any DVD or CD; it can only read them. :slight_smile:

For a drive to write CDs, it has to be a CDRW drive [CD reading/writing only], COMBO drive [read DVDs+ Read/Write CDs], a DVDRW drive, or a BD drive with CD writing capabilities. All these drives can also read CDs [as can CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drives]

For a drive to write DVDs, it has to be a DVDRW drive [reads/writes CDs and DVDs] or a BD [Blu-ray] drive with DVD writing capabilities. All these drives can also read DVDs [in addition to DVD-ROM/COMBO drives].

thanks for your help, lol too bad I didnt read this before I switched my hard drive configuration around, I was thinking i had a bad IDE cable… oh well.

I’m still a little miffed, I could’ve swore that was one of its selling points was that it could write too… but thats what i get for not doing my homework. I kind of wonder whats the point in having something that can only read… its like having a VCR that can’t record. now i know what the angry smiley is used for. lol

GDR means Reader only.

good to know