Hl-dt-st dvd ram gsa-h55n

I have had the LG HL-DT-ST DVD RAM GSA-H55N for a couple of years worked great in playing cd’s a dvd’s with data on them and also worked great in burning cd’s and dvd’s, now all of a sudden it stopped burning cd’s and dvd’s. When using nero it says that there is no device present for burning also tried to use other burning software same result. It still plays the cd’s and dvd’s. I am currently on Windows XP

Hi redman22,
you can check in the device manager if windows can see your drive.

yes it does. It says device is working probably. I tried to reinstall the device and no luck

If you want you can try to burn a test disc with nero cd/dvd speed, one more thing, if i remember right, by pressing ctrl+R you should be able to select the drive you want to use.

The problem with doing a burn a test disc with nero cd/dvd speed, when I click that it brings a message “NO cd rom drives found”. When I go to burn a data dvd disc in Nero I can add the files then when I go next It brings me to the Final burn settings where I can see my current recorder but it doesn’t allow me to burn.

Well the only thing that i can say is that you might installed something that messed your windows, so if you can you can try the drive in another computer just to make sure that it’s not a hardware problem.

thanks man ill try it