HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55N not recognizing DVD RW

Hello all :slight_smile:

Been searching through your forums to find an answer and found some similar problems, but not mine specifically.

My HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55N plays DvD movies fine, can copy data from DVDs fine, as well as CDs. My problems starts when I want to burn a DvD.

I’ve not attempted to burn DvD before so I dont know if this is a new issue… When I put in ANY burnable media (tried several brands) the drive icon says CD Drive and registers it as having 0 capacity and 0 free space.

I’ve seen replies talking about filters etc, and also saw one saying to check it the cdfs/udfs is running. I don’t know which applies to me and don’t want to make changes to the registry etc if they aren’t needed (Which is why Im asking the experts).

Running XP
I have upgraded the firmware to 1.06, the most recent I can find.
cdfs is running, however udfs is not, I dont know how much of a problem that is.
EDIT: Tried removing the filters, problems still persists.

Any more information you guys need?

Thanks much



This may seem like a rather short answer, but try using dedicated burning software. Windows XP, by itself, cannot write to DVDs. :slight_smile: