HL-DT-ST-DVD-RAM GSA-H55N cant read dvdrom

i have a new lg h55n and it dosnt recognize store bought dvd movies. when i use nero to analize system it says no disc inserted. drive will recognise all other disc types. can anyone help please!! I am afraid i know just about enough about pc systems to get myself into a whole lot of trouble.

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To exclude an issue in your machine, can you try to install the drive on a different computer? If also in a different computer the drive is not working, then it can be damaged, and you can ask for a RMA :slight_smile:

Did you install the drive first then install the Nero software?? If so you may have experienced the same thing I did with the H54L. LG had to replace the drive with an H55L. They mentioned firmware corruption by the Nero Install. It plays DVD movies without any software installs. It needs only the generic XP drivers. If you didn’t you may still have a bad drive.

Try it on another machine. Just plug it in and test it with a player. If it still doesn’t work, replace it.

dirve was installed before nero, it was installed in shop and software was pakaged with machine but not installed will try it in another machine later today and will reply again. cheers

For over a month my H54 worked fine playing movie rentals and working as a CD-ROM. As soon as I installed Nero and did the online update, bye bye to DVDs’. It would recognize any other type of disk but it was completely dead to any DVD-Video disk. And I checked it on another clean OS and it did the same thing.

LG seemed to know more than they actually wanted to tell me. :confused:

But they fixed it…