Hl-dt-st Dvd-ram Gsa-h22n



Hello, this is my first time posting as I usually like to figure things out for myself.
Running WinXP, with a P4 3.06HT, 1024MB RAM, 80GB SATA HDD, and the LG HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H22N (tried as both master and slave on the primary IDE channel). My problem is that whenever I place any DVD Video movie into the drive, both the drive and the PC lockup, forcing a reboot. I have tried with DVD data disks without a problem, and all kinds of CD’s for installing software work fine, the only problem is with DVD movies. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,


Are you maybe running some software in the background, which could be the problem?

Do you get a bluescreen? Or does the PC just reboot?
If you get a bluescreen, what does it say? Maybe some error in a system file?

IF you dont get a bluescreen, maybe look in “Control Panel” - System - Advanced-tab.
Then go to “Startup and Recovery” and click on “Settings”

Then, if “automatically restart” is checked, uncheck it.

Now you maybe get a bluescreen with some info instead of just reboot. Or maybe not even a bluescreen.