Hl-dt-st dvd-ram gh15l



I have an LG Electronics DVD R/W Drive in my computer, came with the unit from HP Compaq. The drive is a HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GH15L SATA 150. I am having a problem with it and would like some advice.
I have a cd with a lot of ebooks on it that I spend a lot of time reading. I leave the disk in the drive. sometimes when I leave my computer for a while and return, I can hear the drive spinning for no reason. When I remove the disk from the drive it is a bit warm.
My question is, “Is this the way it is suppose to operate or is there something wrong and can I correct it?”


Hi sierkahn.

Well most modern drives should be able to reduce the reading speed after a few moments of inactivity, so if you are only gone for a few seconds (or maybe minutes) the drive doesn’t have enough time ti stop spinning.
The disc will get warmer since it’s in drive and spinning, and probably you wont have any issues with the disc, but you can always make a copy of the disc.
Also you can try to reduce the read speed with anydvd, i believe that nero has a similar tool but i cant remember the name now.


Thanks for your reply to my question. However the drive spins even if I haven’t used it in some time. One morning a few days ago I came into my play room :slight_smile: after being away for several hours and there it was just spinning along like a happy camper. So I don’t think this is a spinning down problem. More like maybe this drive is on it’s last leg or something like that. :eek:


You can try the anydvd solution this might help you slowing down your drive.
For now i will suggest that you remove the disc from the drive when you are away, just in case.


I guess your right there. So unless something better comes up. I will start looking for a new drive to replace it. Thanks for your information. sierkahn