Hl-dt-st Cdrw Gce-8524b Firmware Please



Hl-dt-st Cdrw Gce-8524b Firmware Where?

Please Download Gce-8524b Firmware Link


If you don’t find any on www.lgservice.com then you will have an OEM drive. You will then search support site of the PC manufacturer, who originally built the drive into the computer.



None available, already posted here:


Damn Lg Damn Lg
Dİe Lg Dİe Lg


Obsolete drive.

I have nothing more to say about that.


What Is This?
Gce-8526b Firmware —> Ok
Gce-8525b Firmware —> Ok
Gce-8524b Firmware —> No ???
Gce-8523b Firmware —> Ok

 Lg Firmasi Senin Ben 7 Ceddinin Amina Koyayim. Bokun Oglu Lg. Amin Oglu.koyayim Doguranlarinin Amina.


I was looking for the same firmware update as you and found it. This may be a little late getting to you since your post is dated, but just in case you still need the firmware update go here… GCE-8525B


This thread is about the 8524.

Yup, no 8524 firmware there…


This is an update to the previous, the link I gave didn’t go to the page I wanted, They wont let you right click and save the download link. If anyone is interested in the firmware update for Gce-8524b contact me via email and I’ll send it to you.


There is no 8525 firmware on that site, I’ve searched there…