HL-DT-ST cd-RW GCE-8483B

Quick question if anyone is aware I just picked up a dell computer and need to know who makes this writer, clone-cd states it is not compatable with there program alcohol works like a champ.

Found it out LG manufactures it

Well I googled my CD-ROM drive and I got this thread. I have the same CD-ROM drive as this guy, but I need to know how fast it is and I can’t find anywhere in my properties where it says how fast it goes. I need to know this because a game that I want to play requires it to be 8x speed. So how do I check this?

According to one site I just Googled ;)…these are the speeds:

48x maximum write speed
24x maximum rewrite speed
48x maximum read speed

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I have a dell computer with this CD drive and a TEAC DVD+RW DV-W58E dvd drive…either drive will not recognize audio CD’s…it shows a audio cd in the drive but shows 0 bytes in the size and will not play them.

Because you NEED a player software for CDDA.