Hl-dt-st Cd-rw Gce-8481b

I have my Dell computer for 4 yrs - XP. 2350. In control panel, it shows that this is a cdrom drive. Is there some way to update this to a dvd drive as well as cdrom? I know someone who has this same drive and it shows dvd/cd for the exact same drive shown in the title above. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Stapler :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ummmm… no… i dont know any cddrive that can be updated to a dvd drive… i think the laser is different

Nope, impossible.

I doubt that someone else has a combo with the same modelname, because GCC would be a combo by LG, not GCE.

Impossible to change the type. If all you are looking for is a dvd rom you can pick one up now for under fifty bucks. Its not hard to install an internal dvd rom. You can also pick up an external that hooks up to a usb or firewire.

You probably meant dvd±rw instead of dvd rom, because dvd-roms are available for under 20 buck$.

Are they really? Its been so long since i looked for one i just took a guess. Thanks for keeping me straight.

Thanks. It seems from yours and the other answering posts, that my wish won’t be granted. I was hoping anyway. I guess I’ll have to install a dvd drive in my one remaining open bay. Stapler

Your wish???

You can dream of it - but the reality is different.