HL-DT-ST, CD-ROM GCR-8240N software

My DVD drive will only recognize CD’s. So, I can’t play DVD’s on my removable CD ROM-DVD player. When I insert a DVD it doesn’t even recognize it.

It says “Please insert a disk into drive F:” I also installed the latest update for the device."

I pasted the device’s name below. HL-DT-ST, CD-ROM GCR-8240N

Dell wants me to re-install the encoding software. But they did not send me a link. I didn’t find it on google. Do you know where this software is?


This drive is - as said by iss name - a plain CD-ROM drive. It cannot handle DVD media at all.


I have the same Drive purchased as an external drive at Amazon and it has DVD written all over it and it doesn’t recognize DVD’s. I’m still trying to sort
it out so any help would be appreciated.

I will report any progress.

BTW - Driver Detective sez it’s “freeware”, but it is not.

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if the drive was advertised as DVD compatible, and it does not, then return it and get a refund.

Please check Device Manager for the exact drive name. If it is “CD-ROM GCR-8240N”, then it’s a plain CD-ROM drive.