HL-DS GWA4164B can't see Sony CD-R media

I have a Dell Dimension B110 (XP Pro) with the infamous Hitachi LG GWA4164B. I bought a spindle of Sony Supremas CD-R and the drive cannot detect they’re in it.

Anything else I’ve tried works OK, except for Memorex Ultra Speed CD-RW, which are crap and barely work in any Ultra Speed burner I own.

The drive is also a horrendous CPU hog. I can’t do anything else while burning, and sometimes it’ll nearly lock up the computer just browsing a disc with Windows Explorer. That should NOT happen on any 2.53Ghz PC!

The firmware is Dell’s E113. Has anyone found a better firmware for this POS drive? (Hitachi-LG must’ve laughed all the way to the bank after they dumped this junk onto Dell!)