HL Data Storage announces GBW-H10N 4x Blu-ray burner

I just posted the article HL Data Storage announces GBW-H10N 4x Blu-ray burner.

 D4rk0n3 used our news submit to tell us that the HLDS company has now made public their Blu-ray drive with a 4x  burning capability, the GBW-H10N. The speed of course is for the single layer ...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12129-HL-Data-Storage-announces-GBW-H10N-4x-Blu-ray-burner.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12129-HL-Data-Storage-announces-GBW-H10N-4x-Blu-ray-burner.html)

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Impressive the speed war has already started; pitty the format war has yet to really get going . . . . . . but got to say the first one to get hacked wins the format war . . .

Yes thats right. But lets hope both formats get backupable very quickly.

I got a real funny feeling that blue ray will win this format war. They are improving and moving forward. Where’s HD - DVD at…still at the starting line.

hd-dvd is slow in developement because, i think, there aren’t many odd drive makers are on their side. only nec/sanyo/toshiba, afaik, are committed; however nec odd division was sold to sony (prime bd supportor), and toshiba’s odd r&d is on toshiba-samsung storage technology in which samsung(bd supporter) is doing developing. while sanyo can develop their own drive, but they are not really into the odd market because hard drives are getting cheaper & faster, the price of the disk/drive/system might be more important. for the cost hd-dvd has an edge while the quality of hd contents would be on par with bd thank to vc1 codec rather than bd’s aging mpeg2 for the backup purpose bd would be better, but i would backup data either to the tape or hdd

At least, from South Korea, both LG and Samsung are commited to HD DVD. Samsung’s relationship with Toshiba doesn’t count much, but Samsung does not want to remain behind. Over half of DVD writers sold today are Super Multi and practically all DVD writers support both DVD Plus and DVD Dash. Who knows most blue laser writer drives will support both Blu-ray and HD DVD in 2 to 3 years from now? Commiting oneself to only one of the two for a company like Samsung and LG is unthinkable.

Quote from HLDS press release: The GBW-H10N can record and play back 25GB large-capacity Blu-ray discs BD-R and BD-RE suitable for storing high-quality images. For BD-R in particular, this product achieves quadrupled data transfer speed as fast as 144 Mbps for the first time in the industry. Video data saved on a HDD can be transferred to a disc and a large volume of data backed up in a short time. Moreover, the BD-RE 2x recording speed is realized as the currently highest speed in the industry.