HK police arrests users of pirated software

I just posted the article HK police arrests users of pirated software.

Henry used our newssubmit to tell us:

That there have been some busts in Hong-Kong related to software piracy:

[…] In one case, the proprietor of an unidentified company was arrested and…

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Errrrr… are we talking about the same country? I just went there and errr they were selling PC OS Software on the streets openly. :4 Ironic

Well, a company using pirated software is considered more of an offence than just individual home users using the software. Most home users don’t make thousands/millions of dollars on a project they work on using whichever companies software. That’d be why company licenses always cost so much.

I don’t own a company, so I don’t have to pay for using pirate software right? … :4

zZzZzZz - euh? okay! - zZzZzZz