[HK] NEC-3520A or Benq-1620Pro !?



First, I’m sorry that i have to ask this kind of question… but i just don’t want to be hairless after i have decided which one to buy :rolleyes:

some background!! I live in Hong Kong, and the crappy thing here is the 7-days-RMA!! I’m not sure if i used the term right. Simply, u buy a thing and within the next 7 days, the shop should exhange a “new” one if the thing is not working probably. After that, u can only get it repair by the warranty. And of course there’s no guarantee that the shop won’t give u an old drive that’s RMAed by others!! … … …

i’m a simple guy :bigsmile:
i don’t mind burning at slow speed (4x), all i want is quality …
i usually use good quality dvd+r, and i don’t see the needs of bitsetting …
i would consider NEC has a better QC, i just don’t want to buy the drive that tends to “break” after a month or so … :stuck_out_tongue:
i’m sick of testing firmwares and medias …

they don’t sell 3500A here anymore… is there any major difference between it and 3520A? I think i will go for a 3520A!? Any suggestions?


i’d also like it to be a good audio cd ripper & burner …


I have both; I would pick the BenQ if I could only have one. As a matter of fact, I have retired the 3520 to another machine. Cons on the BenQ are slow ripping speed (use a DVD-ROM for this), slow closing of disc (lead-out - 30+ seconds!). Pros are burn quality & speed (it burns at advertised speed; 3520 does not), and last but certainly not least the ability to scan (although 3520 should get this shortly if NEC follows thru).


My BenQ DW1620 can now read DVD disks very fast. :slight_smile:


thx guys… but i can always use my crappy liteon for scanning… the fact is i want a drive that gives me quality most of the time that i wouldn’t have to scan it at all!! Nonetheless i will still check the readability of every burned disc with old sony dvd-rom.

Kenshin, i saw that Verbatim 4x +R (or may be -R) [made in Japan] which is actually YT02 in your pic from some thread!! What’s the speed u burn them with?? And what burner?? If i want to use that media, which burner should i get??

I heard that i may get into problem if i burn them @4x with Benq!?


well, went to get a 3520A (OEM, no box, nothing)…

it’s only less than a us$1 difference for a Benq1620pro with box and software …