Hiya! Starter's Question About DVD Drive Firmware Update?


I have a Dell Inspiron 1150
Pentium4 2.8
512 Ram

but the main thing is the SAMSUNG CDRW/DVD SN-324S.
ok. to tell you the truth, im trying to backup a movie so i can just watch it on my laptop after i encode into an xvid.

but when i try reading/transferring/ripping the files, it just takes really long, or doesnt move at all.

now ive been searching over the net and people are talking about firmware updates or something called RIP LOCK REMOVAL that might do the trick to make it work at all.

but i cant seem to find any updates or info on my drive, SAMSUNG CDRW/DVD SN-324S.

all i find are the SN-324F versions where ppl said dont use that one for this drive.

I am a total noob with this stuff, about dvd drives and such, and i dont want to screw myself cause its my sis’ laptop.
so does anyone have any information as to what i can do to make it transfer quicker [or at all], with some info on that rip lock removal, and any firmware update thingies for this drive?

Any replies of info of answers or experience would be greatly appreciated
thanks a bunch


i would try Dell website for firmware updates. i doubt you will find any riplock unlocker for that drive. also, try autogk for dvd to xvid. yes, DVDs it DO take a long time to encode to avi. especially on laptops

thanks a bunch
yeh for some reason it seemed to read well.
sometimes it stops, but watever
and yeh i tried that autogk before works well
quick and easy