Hiya all, problem with audio

hi dudes, v.nice forum,

i have a transcoded mpeg file in pal dvd res, i have used virtual dub mod to save a wav and that plays fine. I dont think i can be doing the next bit correct as it keeps ending up with no audio on the disc. I have been trying to use besweet follwing a guide on paddysworld. I really dont know what is going wrong as i am following the guide exactly. the wav file is 57mb and the generated ac3 from besweet is only 9mb??? i am thinking this is not right

this is really doing my head in, but i am happy i have now got the video transcoded…i am now totally confused as to what is wrong with the audio and why it is not working??? is there another app i could use to get the wav onto the disc?

please help me

The file size should go down somewhat since ac3 2.1 is more compressed than pcm/wav, though a decrease of that magnitude does sound extreme. One common problem is that virtualdub defaults to 44.1 khz sampling, while DVD needs 48 khz; you might want to verify the audio settings.

Besweet is very hit and miss for a lot of people- the level is often very low because of screwy dynamic range compression settings; try turning speakers to max on playback to see if it’s just inaudible.

Alternatively, you could just use the .wav for audio; 57MB doesn’t sound unreasonable. You will probably get a max bitrate warning in your authoring program when using .wav, but in practice, most standalone players can handle it.