HitZip MP3 player from Iomega

I just posted the article HitZip MP3 player from Iomega.

Source: http://www.iomega.com/hipzip/

Found this one the web: The HipZip (…). It’s a digital audio player from Iomega. And there is no expensive RAM memory in this one, instead you can store…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/726-HitZip-MP3-player-from-Iomega.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/726-HitZip-MP3-player-from-Iomega.html)

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Duh! 40 MB? yeah right!
Get a MP3 CD-walkman.
There are 4 comming out this month/next month.


and two others.

oooh and the disks cost only .5 Euro!!! Duh!

There is only one mp3-cd player currently available (that I already got) you can read about it here:

What price and where ?

PS: No creditcard offers !

Vinnie’s getting old and slow, 3 persons faster than him :smiley:

I have the Genica MP3 discman, and it rocks!

Next time they shoudn’t delete my posts

“Next time they shoudn’t delete my posts”

The evil forces strike again I guess

Expanium will ship to retailers in September. Holland may be october.

MamboX is shipping right now to retailers all over the world. Preorder is already more than they can handle.

My choice?
Phillips expanium.
All the others are “plastic”.
Give me the Philips quality.
One feature that MamboX has and philips doesn’t mention is .3mu support(playlists).
That would be a significant drawback for the expanium.
I’ll wait and test it in the store. Then probably I’ll make up my mind.
My retailer (www.jpcomputers.nl) is already looking into this for me.

Hey my post is gone ??!!!

I just asked vinny a question is that so bad ??

Probably. Damn we need a forum

After researchin this for a while. I purchased a portable MD player/recorder. It records CD to MD, Microphone to MD and alsoallows you to record and play MP3 files. Its the size of an MP player, costs about the same but allows you to record various formats from various sources. An MS disc costs a little over a dollar US and allows 74 min. recording time!

MHzMaNIaC, I heard bed reviews about the Genica’s “plastic” feel and the difficult to open top. What’s your experience. At $99 the genica is truly by far the cheapest!