Hitman2 copied 1:1

Executed copy 1:1
For news:
Byez Elektro

Elektro sarebbe meglio se traducessi il tutto in inglese…

Should have known that this forum is in ITALIAN only !:confused:

I should have known it was just a fluke getting away with responding in ENGLISH all this time :frowning:

Dovrei conoscerlo ero giusto una passera tutto questo volta che ottiene via con la risposta in inglese :frowning:

Paradox in few words he adfirms that he succeded in copying Hitman 2 reading the cd with Blindwrite (last version) and then he wrote the image with Alcohol 120% using the parameters for SecuROM new plus “Don’t close last session”…maybe u should try this…

Hope it helps :wink:

Originally posted by PaRaDoX

Dovrei conoscerlo ero giusto una passera tutto questo volta che ottiene via con la risposta in inglese :frowning:

You never cease to surprise me :cool:

so if this worked it should work for all new titles with this protection like nolf2 ut2k3 and rc2 but it dont and i dont have hitman 2 to try it could someone please confirm this.:cop:

Read with BlindWrite write with Alcohol - I like it. CloneClinic Veterans may remember that we went through a period like this, with specific units, about 12 months ago with SD2.

Futureproof don’t think I’m stupid…that is what Elektro wrote in Italian in that forum…I don’t know if it wrks…just reported what he wrote.

Is Cloneclinic dead and gone forever?

Can I achieve something with Blindwrite (read) + Alcohol (write) that I can’t with CloneCD? Regarding Securom NEW and Safedisc 2.80 of course.

LiteOn LTR-48125S (FW 1S01)
Toshiba SD-M1612 (FW 1004)

Please… can someone with nothing but time on their hands look into this claim & report back IMMEDIATELY??? Thanks! :smiley:

I will try this tonight, i’l keep you posted


Use this link to have google translate the thread into English

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Hrmmmmmmmmm… I think they should ‘do away with’ all other languages EXCEPT English. :wink:

I’ll be looking for the results from whoever is trying this. Good luck gents!

I’ve tried it but is doesn’t work

used plex40x for reading and blindread

and writing with alcohol 120%

no go, nothing worked

did you make sure to NOT close the last session?

I pray to excuse my ugly English to you, but use also I a translator, (shame do not know English), am going to bottom of the issue, the person who has executed copy (XPX)" has been confirmed the existence of securom 4.8 on the cd and the executed copy has been head and perfectly working ", it has used this system:
Step 1
Copy of hitman2 from cd originates them to support cd-rw with these setting
Reading: Nibble with plextor 40 max
Writing: SAO cooked with plextor 12/10/32 scsi
The copy on the cd-rw worked alone on some peripheral ones

Step 2
Copy from the cd-rw to cd-r with alcohol120% rev. 1017 not to the flight and
Writing with selection securom new + (rectify on-channel date) + (don’ t close the last session)
The obtained copy is working to 100% on all the peripheral ones.

I am going to bottom of the thing, and seems that it is all true, therefore this mine post is a suggestion why all we this road can be tried also on other games with securom 4,8

I hope of having confirmation from other persons if it is effectively working.
As soon as I will have detailed news, ve I will communicate to them on this post
We hope all that it has not been a case but that is the just road
Byez elektro

Tried exactly what elektro wrote, still no good result

Same here. Actually, when I tried to write the image using Alcohol the program crashed. Se la vi.

i wonder which cd-rw and cd-r was used? any info on that?

The used supports are:
cd-rw imation 4x max.
cd-r TDK speed-X up 48x , 700 Mb
reading and writing you execute yourself to 1x
Byez ELektro