Hitman Contracts (SecuROM 5?) - emulation possible?

I’m a bit surpised that even the new Daemon V4 that claims to evade most blacklisting can’t seem to get this game playing with an Alcohol image. I heard that removing IDE drives solves blacklisting of SCSI drive ssometimes, but this didn’t seem to work (unless removing them from device manager isn’t good enough?). Is there any known way to make it work with emulation?

Alcohol 120%'s latest version ( will work nicely :smiley:

Have you actually tried it? It didn’t work for me.

Alcohol has no difficulty with securom 5. How did you make the image?

Try to stop the protection from reading the virtual drives. Doing this by adjusting permission in the registry. Here’s how to do it (just look at the pictures)

Play your games w/ an image …

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Interesting. I even tried the registry tweak and still nothing. “unable to verify the original disc within time limit” or whatever that message is. The strange thing is, I thought I got this to work with an older version of Alcohol.

Lmao, i played it from rmps-burned backup in like June 2004 or that was even end of may with alcohol imagine how much older version at that time(it didn’t work from virtual drives of that time because that securom dismounted them first, it also didn’t continously disable rmps emulation at that time yet), and you’re telling it doesn’t work now, even with daemon tools 4.0… Securom 5 probably doesn’t even require you to hide any IDE drives. You made a bad mds probably, you must use low speed and high precision settings or use an existing good mds. If you’re really desperate with that, i might try to dig up mine, i have a full image backup burned to dvd somewhere i think, but you might have a different version == must make mds of your own.

One thing is, maybe securom newer games update securom drivers like is the case with starforce? So then new blacklists come in for very old games also…? Then you might want do clean you system from securom drivers completely before reinstalling Hitman : Contracts and see if that solves the problem.

Ok … here’s the Hitman Contracts No-CD crack :iagree: