Hitman bloodmoney

I have burnt two coasters of this game i have cloned. Each returning crc errors. Im using an optiriac 7170A and datawrite media done a burn at 8x and one at 4x. Any suggestions?

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Datawrite media are not quality disc. I suggest to try with a good media like a Verbatim or a Taiyo Yuden.

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If you’re using a 40-wire IDE cable you should replace it with an 80-wire cable.

You should try some other media, such as Verbatim.

It’s also possible that your game CD is protected with weak sectors resulting in CRC errors when copied. There are sometimes ways around this, but you might have to ask the experts in our CD & DVD Copy Protection forum. They’ll need more detail such as which game you’re backing up.

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Yes ive had really good results with verbatim in the past. It seems to work now the first one is completely screwed, The second crc on a file check within the install you click ignore it continues install its ironic. I used to have a nec 2500a before this drive so this drive is a massive upgrade in regards to reading abilities my old one was a complete joke for this i had to burn on one drive and read on another until i could be bothered to send the drive back and got it replaced for this one.