Hitman blood money

hi everyone!every time I try to run hitman blood money, it loads, but when I pick up a mission, it crashes to desktop. I have tried many no-cd pathses and virtual images but nothing. I have the latest forceware drivers for my card (7600Gs) and the latest dx version (dx9.c-I dont have Vista :-P) I have even formatted the disk and tried to install the game in a diffeent compuer. of cource I have tried to run it with or without the Patch v 1.2. I am nearly sure that the problem is caused by the copy protection. what should I do? I am using windows XP(I have the original one, but it’s broken) I forgot to mention that both the copy and the original one worked in the past, in both my computers :iagree:

Welcome darthtony,

without the original disc we can’t really help you here creating a working copy. You should contact the game publisher they’ll send you a new disc for a little charge.

Hitman Blood Money needs new graphics card with vertex shader,thats why it crashes.try running on some other computer with latest graphics card

7600Gs supports sm3 and as I have mentioned biefore, the game could run on my pc in the past.