Hitman Blood Money

I bought Hitman Blood Money and because I play it very often I want to create an exact 1:1 backup copy of it. Its protected with:
SecuROM v7 (v7.00.00.0018)
How do I copy it?

Use Alcohol 120% datatype SecuRom 4.x/5.x.

the thing is it doesn’t show me the protections list when I try to copy DVD games with Alcohol 120%

If its a DVD then thats a differnet story.

i get EXACT same thing… any suggestions?

p.s. it is a dvd-rom

Unfortunately at the moment you are not able to copy dvd games…

is there any software that will copy dvd games?

Nope… not at all. You can make a mini image, that will play off a virtual drive, but you cant make a exact copy of it. What you can do is make a mini image, burn the image to a disk (as data) then mount it.

“mini image” … what exactly is that? … cause right now when i try to run off the hard drive with alcohol the game detects “emulation software conflict” and wont run.

also i did a quick look and “mini image” looks like safe disk related copy protection… right? … i thought that the hitman blood money game was a sucuROM thing?

What are you using as a virtual drive?

well im using alcohol and daemon tools… i tried both of em and it still gives same “emulation software decteced” stuff.

i tried playing around with the emulation options to in both alcohol and daemon tools.

whats newest version of daemon tools anyways? (im using 4.03)

ummm… i use virtual clonedrive and daemon tools… maby you could try gamejackel? Its made to emulate the latest games…

what settings are u using on daemon tools to get it to work on hitman blood money?

and also… what did u use to rip the game dvd to the hard drive

I havnt ripped any games to my hd. With 70gb’s of space, id fill it up too quickly. Im just telling you what i have read from various websites.

If it isn’t a dual layer dvd you should still be able to make an RMPS emulation copy with alcohol.

well when you say RMPS emulation copy with alcohol … do you mean i gotta burn it to a dvd (or dvd+rw) disk and then turn on RMPS option in alcohol?

cause like i said above i dont get the option to select the copy protection the disk has on alcohol 120 when ripping to hard drive, just like someone else had above… so i cant select read sub-channel data etc.

with securom 7 mini images most of the time (90% of the time) don’t work, you need maxi-image.


You don’t need to select sub-channel data etc.

On the first screen that comes up when you start the image making wizard, check the box for Data Position Measurement and set precision to High (you might also want to check the Skip reading errors box though it shouldn’t be necessary if the disc is in good condition).

When asked to select a speed at which the dpm analysis is to be done try first at maximum speed (note that unlike with cds where slower is generally better for dpm analysis; with dvds, as a general rule of thumb, faster is better).

Good luck. :slight_smile:

“emulation software decteced”

This is How I got it to work

  1. Get Securom Loader 1.2
  2. copy the asr.exe to your hitman folder
  3. change the Hitman launch shortcut Target too “<insert drive letter>:\wherever you saved it\Eidos\Hitman Blood Money\asr.exe” -r “<insert drive letter>:\wherever you saved it\Eidos\Hitman Blood Money\HitmanBloodMoney.exe”

@ Philamber… well i already tried the copy like you said but it did not seem to work but i dont think i tried maximum speed on the HIGH data precision measurement thing when i did the copy… also does it matter if i use a DVD+RW disk to burn the game to?

@ syrus … ill have to try what you said as it looks like a good alternative for those who cant get it working… ill let you know how it turns out.

UPDATE: … Syrus your method worked! :wink: … thanks alot.

philamber i still gotta mess around with your way of doing a backup copy but ill probably mess with it after i beat the game since syrus method is pretty good :wink: