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Hi there People and Members,

Firstly i have the Hitman 2 game. I made a copy of it using Alcohol and chose the Copy protection of Securom New. However the copy does not work. When you double click the desktop icon a cd image comes up like its reading the disc and thats it. So then i read all these threads about using the BWA builder and clone cd etc etc. However i tried it and could not get a straight line in the Bwa builder. So what i did as an experiment was put in the Copied disc of Hitman 2 that i made earlier and made a Bwa from that. I got a Straight line with it. However i have not yet merged it with the ccd.file yet and was just looking for some feedback from the members out there who might have something to say on this matter. If anyone has a way to help me out it would be gladly appreciated. Btw i have a TDK Cyclone 21/10/40B writer.



The BWA file from the copy would be useless.


See here or here.


I also could not make a “good” BWA file(too many spikes) with BWA Builder while trying to make a back-up of Hitman 2. However what I was able to do was follow Vluka’s instructions to make one using Alcohol. Here’s what he said:

Quote: “… make another image in .mds format with Alcohol using Data Position Measurement option set to High (the lower the speed of DPM the better the results). Since we need only .mds (CD characteristic) not the whole image You can abort reading after getting DPM. Don’t delete .mds of course Convert .mds file to .bwa using BWA builder.”

I used these to make a perfectly curved BWA with no spikes. I set DPM speed to 1X.

I then used Blindwrite v4.2.5 to make a working back-up using these settings (Thanks to ViRuS2k [Blindwrite Expert]):

Dump Settings:

  1. Select your burner.
  2. Ticked Extract Subcodes if your reader allows it.
  3. Select the location of folder to rip to.
  4. Click next.
  5. Choose extraction method (Nibble).
  6. Ticked adapt speed min read 4x max read 4x
  7. Clicked read. (I advise everyone to leave there computers alone)
  8. Once complete place the BWA file in the folder that was ripped to.

Burn Settings:

  1. Start Blindwrite up Writing.
  2. Click next.
  3. Click advanced TAB, tick the following:

Sao Cooked
Sao Raw
Sao Raw with RW
Dao PQ
Dao PW

  1. Then select save the changes (only tick the correct ones if you dont no then only tick Dao PW)
  2. Click next.
  3. Select your image & click next.
  4. Click start to scan it for errors & it will tell you if the BWA file is there. It should say “Physical Data Found”
  5. If everything is OK then click next.
  6. Writing Mode: Dao PW (this is the only setting you should use!)
  7. Burning speed no faster than 12x!
  8. Tick use BWA file if avalible.
  9. Tick Eject When finished < MANDATORY!!!>.
  10. Tick Weak Sectors ONLY if your burner isnt a 2 sheep.

I hope this helps hussy52.

The only problem I have is that my DVD/CD-rom combo drive cannot read this back-up to play the game. I can install it from this drive, but cannot play it from this drive. My LiteOn 16102b has no problem with this back-up at all either installing or playing from.

or anyone else that can make a suggestion:

So my only question I have is how to defeat the ATIP check to run this from my burner besides using emulation(I hate that word) such as “hide media” or “ignore media type”.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


All writers can read an atip. You cannot defeat an atip check without an atip hiding utility and so you have to use one if you want to run a copy of any recent safedisc or securom protected game from a writer.

If you don’t want to use an atip hiding utility, you’re only option is to run the copy from an ordinary cd/dvd rom.


Made a backup of HITMAN 2 (securom new v4.83.11.0026) using a downloaded BWA file and the twinpeaks method as outlined in the read first threads.Used a toshiba sat pro 6100/matshita UJDA720 dvd/cdrw and windows 2000 pro.The backup runs fine,but only after a right mouse click will any sound or cursor movement occur.If hide cdr media is enabled the same thing occurs, but hitman slides around the game becomes unplayable. Any ideas on whats happening ?