Hitman 2

Can hitman 2 be cloned? Clony XXL ids Hitman 2 as using Securom newand shows less skulls than a Safedisc 2.51, yet I cannot clone this game. What to do? I can clone MOHAA and Max Payne, why not Hitman 2? Using 2000 Professional and a Teac 524E to burn and an Asus DVD/CDROM to read.

Hitman 2 uses a new version of securom that, to date, has proven to be incapable of being copied successfully. See here .

I gues ClonyXXL has the skulls all wrong for this game.

i used clony xxl to see what for protection is is, and then i used the securom profile, i created a perfect image and then a perfect clone of it ya know what i mean:rolleyes: :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

The game will play off of the disc or just install? (Here we go again)

The game will install off a cloned CD but will not play. Anyone who claims otherwise should double check their facts. If they are indeed cloning a playable copy, hopefully they will post a detailed and helpful message we can all benefit from.

Originally posted by makankhan
The game will install off a cloned CD but will not play.
This is where a lot of confusion arises. People believe that just because a backup installs that its a 1:1 copy. Im glad you pointed this out. Nearly all non 1:1 backups will install but not run. I hope that all the people who posted about “successes” have checked to see if the game runs as that is what the protection is preventing you from doing.