Hitman 2 (securom)

Hallo every boddy.
I could use some help burning Hitman 2.
I have scanned it with Clony xxl and burned it with clonecd 4, but i can’t get i work.
Please… do enyone know how to make a 1:1 copy of the game.

Try Blindwrite with a BWA file from here

i tired this tutorial but changed it to hitman2 and not unreal 2003 and i got a 1:1 copy of hitman2

I tried BW but coasters. I used the new Clony and Profiler then used Clone CD and Good backup which works in all my Burners and CD roms and DVD Roms. Three different computers with different hardware in each.
Works with Plextor 2410a, 482448a, Liteon 48125W, Toshiba 1402 SCSI, Pioneer 106s, Plextor 40tsi SCSI, Pacific Digital rebageed Toshiba IDE DVD.

Securom 4.83. I did no use emulate or weak sectors, used Ignore with Clon cd 4.2. I was pleasantly suprised. Going to see if copy works in my office with an old Teac CD rom as well. Do not use Hide Cdr with drives other than Burners.

But I have used BW for other games it did work with them just not Hitman 2.

Originally posted by CShark

Securom 4.83. I did no use emulate or weak sectors, used Ignore with Clon cd 4.2. I was pleasantly suprised.

Just pleasantly surprised?! I’m f#####g astounded :bow:

I know it is hard to believe, but it really does work. I also did finally get the Blindwrite copy to work for Arx Fatalis. I just had to keep restarting it over and over for about 20 minutes, then it finally played.

I went to the forum for this game and I guess they are having trouble with the securom not allowing the game to play even with the original CD. There were complaints and I guess the Support staff were asking people to send a complaint to the makers of securom.

I did not expect Clone to do this at all. I guess just dumb luck. I am going to try to do it again just to see if it was a fluke. I will make a new image, try it again. I read and wrote it with my Plextor 2410a firmware 1.04. This burner seems to do very well copying, better than my liteon 48125w. The plex just loves this firmware version. I also changed media, I think that also helps.

I’ll post when I have tried this again. Let ya’ know what happens.:bigsmile:

why can blindwrite make 1:1 copys of some games when clonecd can’t. what is the differens???
would it help clonecd if i update the firmware on my sony burner???