HITMAN 2 (securerom new) no chance in hell?

is that right?

hmm…in hell it would work

Anyone have any luck with HITMAN 2?

can confirm conclusively that hitman 2 is good old securom 4 as we now affectionally call it !!! ver . 4.83.110026
UNCOPYABLE despite some people claiming 1:1 copies of UT2003.
Not good news now the 4th new release by EIDOS with this new protection they have obviously shifted to this ready for Lara Crofts new adventure tomb raider 6 angel of death due out before Xmas.
Its obviously not going to be a happy xmas folks???

Well, we all must wait until 1:1 backups are possible. The only solution for now is a crack or use DAEMON Tools to emulate it. Protections are only trying to stop 1:1 backups, not cracks, which is really strange cause cracks are illegal whereas 1:1 backups are legal.:o