Hitman 2 Backup problem, help!

Hello ppl,

I have an ASUS CRW5224A cd-writer and I can’t make a working backup of Hitman2. I’ve tried the following methods:

  1. I’ve made an image of Hitman2 with Clone cd at 8x, then I used a twinpeak (15 twin step) with a BWA file downloaded from this forum then burned the patched.ccd with 8x speed to a Philips Cd-r 48x.

Result: Endless spining
Reader used: Toshiba DVD-rom

  1. I’ve tried alcohol 120%, I’ve made an image of Hitman2 with the SecuRom NEW(v4x) profile at 4x, then burned it at the same speed.

Result: First spining, after a while stops spining and returns to the autoplay game menu.
Reader used: Both Asus and Toshiba

  1. I’ve tried BlindRead to make an image of Hitman2 following this thread.
    Then I made the BWA file and burned the image following the same thread. Philips CD-r 48x

    Result: Endless spining

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I need help please… Sorry for my bad english.

Have anyone made a working backup of last SecuRom with this recorder ?
Any suggetion welcome