Had trouble backing up my dvd movie hitch it reads upto vts 8 vob 3 then it wont read, if i skip it it will read to the end. Could it be a protection file or just a bad disc. It plays ok in player

What software/version are you using to backup with? What drive are you using to rip with?

It’s ARcoSS copy protected. To rip it successfully, you’ll need a recently updated ripping program (e.g. AnyDVD or DvdFab). It cannot be ripped successfully with any older program (e.g. DvdShrink or Dvd Decrypter).

tried dvd shrink + decryptor not sure on version though. pioneer 105 rw

Can’t be done with that combination. Development of Dvd Decrypter ceased prior to the introduction of the version of ARcoSS used on Hitch.

For a freeware solution, rip with DvdFabDecrypter and then process the ripped files with DvdShrink.

I HAVE DONE IT WITH THAT COMBINATION!!! jumps up and down!!!

It took 6 hours for my XJ-166s to hammer at it … then it produced all these wierd sectors which marked unreadable … then i put it thru DVD Shrink and got a fully working copy!

Anydvd works well with this Movie (Region 2). I used a Pioneer A08.

DVD Fab Decrypter v2.9.5.2 + Pioneer 106.

thanks guys got dvdfab so will give it a try

Thats Odd, because I have the last version of DVDDecrypter before it bacame -er unavailable, and I did have to import a psl file into it, even though it has the message about not doing so. Ripped fine and I shrunk it, and its all good. I have yet to find one I cannot do.