Hitch & The Machinist

I just finished reading 6 pages of threads, 133 in all, and no where in all that jibberish did anybody ever really say how to copy the movie Hitch using AnyDVD & CloneDVD2, without installing old versions or using this or that combination of programs. What I want to know from Slysoft is WHY I can’t copy these movies using (paid for) AnyDVD ver. and CloneDVD2 ver. These are the only two movies, in a year of using this software that I have not been able to back-up. Is there a trick? Did I miss something? I can’t even get the movies to copy to the hardrive. It gets to 72% (vts_03_4 .vob) then quits telling me to clean my DVD. I’ve tried the 1st button, 2nd button, each a dozen times, nothing works. (I have no idea what the 3rd button is for and don’t really care to know). Thank You.

Plextor 712A latest firmware
Hitch R1 widescreen
The Machinist R1 widescreen

@ jitterbuginfool,

If you closely look at all those postings you read you would see that most probably the cause that a particular Forum Member is have having problems backing up Hitch, Beyond the See and a couple of other titles is that the original copy they are attempting to back up contains some mastering errors other than encryption copy protect schemes that were induced during the manufacturing process.

You should have noted during you review of Forum postings that their were reports that numerous Forum Members did not experience any problem making a back up copy of Hitch, Beyond the See and a couple of other titles. That fact that some Forum Members can successfully back up these titles while others can not can be explained by the fact that their original copy contains mastering errors other than encryption copy protect schemes that were induced during the manufacturing process. In essence these Forum members are attempting to back up a defective DVD that has mastering errors.

Suggest using Nero CD-DVD Speed to check your original copy of “Hitch” or any other DVD title you are having difficulties backing up for Mastering Errors. Below is a Forum link that provides detail information how to use Nero CD-DVD Speed to check for errors.


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Thank you bjkg. But I find that hard to believe. I didn’t say it was impossible, just very hard to believe. After 200+ DVD purchases and 200+ successful copies (using the same copy software) and all of a sudden I get 2 bad DVDs from Sony in a row, I just don’t know. What do I do with the bad movies? Take them back to the store and tell them I want to return them because they are defective because I can’t copy them?

@ jitterbuginfool,

Perchance did you even attempt to view the referenced posting thread I provide in my response to you?


Did you fail to note Forum Member ricoman comments to Olli, the author of CloneDVD, concerning the 4 defective copies of Beyond The Sea that he purchased.

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Yes, I did view the referenced posting thread you provided in your response to me. But it is meaningless to me. I don’t have Nero and don’t want it. And those pictures with the graphs on them just look pretty to me. I guess by showing them to me you are trying to back-up your contention that my problem is that I have just bought bad DVDs and to move on. I can’t wait to get my hands on another recently out Sony DVD. If I can’t copy it, I am not going to accept your theory bjkg. Thanks.

@ jitterbuginfool,

I am not backing up my contention but just conveying to you information that has been provided to knowledgeable Forum Members by Olli, the author of CloneDVD, as to what the problem is with some DVD titles that some Forum Members have experienced difficulties backing up. It is a proven fact that many defectively manufactured DVD might appear to function properly but when analyzed by a diagnostic tool similar to Nero CD-DVD Speed reveals that they were improperly manufactured. It’s these DVDs that on the surface appear to work properly but actually have manufacture defects that are problematic when attempting to make back up copies. These manufacturing defects have noting to do with any type of encryption copy protection scheme.

It appears that actually you really don’t want to know or understand why you cannot back up two of your DVDs. You asked why you couldn’t back up two of your DVDs. I provided the most likely cause. No one is really going to know why you can’t make a back up copy of your DVDs until you check them for errors.

Nero CD-DVD Speed is a free diagnostic tool that is used by numerous Forum Members to analyze DVD file structure. To check a DVD for errors is rather a simple task. If you chose not to find out if you have a defective DVD that contains mastering errors that were induced during the manufacturing process that’s up to you. If in fact you did use Nero CD-DVD Speed and it revealed that you had a defective DVD disk that contains mastering error you could return them and get a replacement. That’s also up to you.

If you are going to really learn how to properly back up a DVD somewhere along the line you are going to have to learn who to use some of these diagnostic tools or you are going to be left out in the cold. With all the newer encryption copy protection schemes that are being developed, knowledge of what is happening when you cannot make a back up copy is needed or you are going to end up with a lot of expensive unplayable coasters.

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Quote, “It’s these DVDs that on the surface appear to work properly but actually have manufacture defects that are problematic when attempting to make back up copies. These manufacturing defects have noting to do with any type of encryption copy protection scheme.”

If they ever learn how to “manufacture these defects” on purpose, it would put Olie, Slysoft, Nero, Plextor and all the DVD encryption copy protection busters out there right out of business. Heaven forbid. Thanks for your help bjkg.

@ jitterbuginfool,

I hope you will re-consider and decide to run your suspect DVD copies through Nero CD-DVD Speed (http://www.cdspeed2000.com) and check them for errors. This not difficult and is rather easy to do. The Below link shows how to do this.


If the Scan Disc shows Red (Bad) sectors reveals errors and you should be able to get a replacement disk.

There is a strong possibility if in fact these DVD do have Mastering Errors that some point in the future that these DVD will become unplayable. Attempting to returning a DVD that is a year old would prove to be very problematic. So it is prudent to check these suspect DVDs as soon as possible.

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i have copied Hitch using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 without a problem
a lot of other users confirmed that too, therefore I believe the mastering error theorie

Same region / version? (R1 widescreen)
Just checking, because different versions can indeed be - different.

Can you post the AnyDVD information windows for both movies?

in this thread olli confirmed Hitch R1 widescreen works with AnyDVD
(Beta of

as it doesn’t work for you, try to copy with DVDFabDecrypter and transcode with CloneDVD2,
if this will work and AnyDVD doesnt your disk has mastering errors for sure

I Downloaded and installed Nero CD-DVD Speed as you suggested. All it will do is give me this error message when I try to run the program: “Cdspeed has caused an error in CDSPEED.EXE. Cdspeed will now close.” I shut everything off in my start menu and tried it again. I tried running it with AnyDVD on and then off. When I open Nero CD-DVD, no matter which tab I click on or which test I try to run I get the above error message. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, same thing. I put the DVD movie in my Plextor 712A then started up CD-DVD Speed, that didn’t work. So I reversed the procedure, that didn’t work. The DVD movie I was trying to run the tests on is “The Machinist” which just like the DVD movie “Hitch” I cannot copy using AnyDVD ver and CloneDVD2 ver I have just finished copying 2 movies, “Cellular” and “Perfect Nanny,” using the above software and both copied perfectly. Here is what I am going to do next. I am going to go to Blockbuster’s and rent both movies, The Hitch and The Machinist and try to copy them (only as an experiment to check and see if the DVD’s I already bought are defective or not. If they copy, then I will return the DVD I bought and can’t back-up. Thank you all for trying to help me.

i believe you need nero installed to run cdspeed.
I was successful in making a backup of hitch with the latest version of dvddecrypter.
I used my dvdrom and not my dvdwriter to read the disk.
there were a couple of times where the reader slowed down and had a bit of a problem reading the disk.

I don’t know if I need nero installed or not to run cdspeed, I only know that I bought AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 because I don’t have to think to use them. AnyDVD runs in the backround and except for the fox in the tray I don’t even know it’s there. And CloneDVD2 is DVD copying for dummies. 4 clicks and you have a copied movie. I like both programs and don’t care to to learn any others. They have been good to me up till now, worked flawlessly. I am hoping that bjkg is right and I just got ahold of some DVD’s with mastering errors. Thank you.

Can you post the AnyDVD information windows for both movies?

I will post the AnyDVD information for the movie “The Machinist.” Can’t post it tonight for the movie “The Hitch” because I loaned it to somebody at work. It plays fine in everybodys DVD players.

bkjg gave you some sound advice and it’s nice to see you followed it although until this point the results are still negative. I too backed up the same movies with the same software versions you used without issue. Defective DVD’s are becoming more widespread now.

As far as your concern about returning them, just tell the store they skip and freeze and they will replace them without question, I’ve done it without problems. They are not going to take the time and place it in a player and watch a 2 hour movie to confirm your statement. I wouldn’t spend the extra money and rent from Blockbuster since you already paid good money for what appears to be defective merchandise.
Just my opinion, you must do what is comfortable for you.

@ jitterbuginfool,

Thanks for attempting to use Nero CD-DVD Speed to check your suspect DVD for errors.

You do not need Nero installed to run Nero CD-DVD Speed. Nero CD-DVD Speed is a stand-alone program software utility program.

You do not want to have AnyDVD “activated” when you are running Nero CD-DVD Speed.

I am at loss as to why you would be getting the error notification. Nero CD-DVD Speed is a very stable software program. Below is a Web Page that explains how to install Nero CD-DVD Speed.


If you are continuing to have problems with Nero CD-DVD Speed I would like to suggest using another software utility to check for errors on your suspect DVDs. The other software utility is called DVDInfo (http://www.dvdinfopro.com), which is also a free diagnostic software utility program. DVDInfo is not as a through testing tool for checking for disk errors and is not as definitive as Nero CD-DVD Speed but in most instances will find disk errors.

If you chose to use DVDInfo (http://www.dvdinfopro.com) to check your DVDs for errors the following is how you check for errors. Deactivate AnyDVD and place your suspect DVD in a DVD device. Install DVDinfo and open the program. On the opening page top menu bar is a Magnifying Glass Icon. Click on that Icon. The CD/DVD CRC Read Error Test page appears. On the lower right side of the page is a “Start” button. Click on that button and let the program test for errors. Any Red (Bad) sectors indicate that suspect DVD disk has errors which is the cause of your failure to make a back up copy of this disk. As stated above DVDInfo is not as a definitive diagnostic tool as Nero CD-DVD Speed. If DVDInfo fails to detect errors does not rule out the possibility that the disk contains errors. DVDInfo just isn’t as good of a diagnostic tool as Nero CD-DVD Speed.

Best Regards,

This is the information AnyDVD displayed when my 10th attempt to back-up the DVD movie “The Machinist” failed. There is also a AnyDVD log that is saved in the My Documents folder. It is quite large and I don’t think I should copy and paste it here.

I will NOT give up bjkg. I will download the program you suggest and give it a try. Thank you all.

Summary for drive D:
Drive (Hardware) Region: 1

Media is a Data DVD.
Booktype: dvd-rom (version 1), Layers: 2 (opposite)

Video DVD (or CD) label: MACHINIST
Media is CSS protected!
Video Standard: NTSC
Media is locked to region(s): 1!

Found & removed RCE protection!
DVD structure appears to be correct.
Structural copy protection not found.
Autorun not found on Video DVD.
Bad sector protection not found.
Emulating RPC-2 drive with region 1!