Hitch R2 PAL Widescreen Problem



Tried to back up Hitch R2 PAL Widescreen. Using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2

CloneDVD2 came up with the following error PS 10 VOBU 4 14 14 Clone6 TCE (along with the lovely sexy voice - almost worth getting an error for!!)

Thought it must be AnyDVD and sent IFO’s off to elby and slysoft - then tried Nero Recode with AnyDVD and made a perfect back up.

So I guess something is amiss with CloneDVD2. (also just used CloneDVD2 to backup Spanglish just now, so must be something specific to Hitch)


@ abrown15,

Suggest using the “Search” icon located on the top of the page and look at the postings concerning “Hitch”. Your search would reveal numerous comments concerning using CloneDVD-AnyDVD and making a back up copy of the “Hitch” DVD.

One posting thread novelty titled “Hitch” contains numerous postings by Forum members concerning their problems backing up the “Hitch” DVD. For you convenience I have provided an AnyDVD Forum link to this particular Forum posting thread below.


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@bjgk - yep looked at all them - were all concerend with R1 Hitch - R2 is just out here in Ireland - I do look at new post and search problems before I post. As I said above, I had backed up Spanglish (also a Sony disc) with complete sucess. For some reason the lastest version of CloneDVD2 doesn’t like it. This is not a AnyDVD problem.

This is why I posted as a new thread in the CloneDVD2 section. R1 problems were due to AnyDVD. Again as stated above I sucessfully made a backup using AnyDVD with Nero Recode - therefore it is a staright forward problem with CloneDVD2.


Further to my post above - Hitch was released in Ireland on Friday. It is not released in the UK until Monday (4 July). So probably noone has tried the R2 PAL Widescreen with CloneDVD until I tried to back it up on Saturday.


It is very likely, that Sony simply mastered this disc wrong. They always make some mastering error while adding their copy protection. I am very confident, that these errors are not intentional, and they usually have some nasty side effects.
Out of curiosity I have ordered Hitch (UK) and will take a look. It should arrive here in probably one week.


Thanks Olli - don’t know if it helps your thought process any but I sucessfully made a backup using Nero (Just movie, no extras) - and also done a complete disk copy and paste - so as I said above AnyDVD works great.

Thanks once again for the gggrreeeaaattttt support!